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Logistics transport goods packaging small common sense

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-11
Logistics is a not easy thing, and the international logistics is not an easy thing, how do so many things to move in the home, and what things can move to go abroad, it can make to logistics, headache, this is not a simple and easy thing to do, no matter whether you choose logistics lp in logistics for you, arrange packaging must own work, and some valuables or soft, let others to sort out and months may not be assured. VIPU international Supply Chain solutions international logistics shipping problems for you, to provide you with logistics. Logistics: we need to plan logistics project list, and find a suitable logistics lp, but these seemingly simple things, if not thorough plan, may let everybody went. Logistics packaging work is a university asked, no order and no method of packing is very easy to find after new home things or damage to goods, intelligent logistics packaging, can solve a lot of trouble, make logistics more easily. Logistics before you take the time to do planning and classification, can avoid the chaos after logistics or couldn't find a thing, can save more time. The following will introduce you to logistics transport goods packaging small common sense. 1, you need to prepare a few sacks, ( A hardware store to buy) A few cartons and a roll of not tape. Trick to 2, logistics in logistics in the day to safe and convenient for the guidelines, it's best to wear long sleeves and pants, don't wear skirts, don't wear slippers, sandals and high heels, so as not to scratch or sprain. 3, in your mind the home goods first classify, clothes, quilts, socks category, this category can be mixed within the bag. 4, packing the trick bedding, pillows, bedding, after folding directly set of big bag or bags, tighten the sealing, no large bag, can use the old bed sheet package. Don't plug in the quilt breakable, so as to avoid accidentally destroyed. 5, clothing using a carton packing tips, with no crease as the principle, the clothes size is larger than the size of the clothes after folding at the bottom of some advisable. In accordance with the order packing chest drawer, when out of the more convenient place. 6, computers and monitors, television, water machine to use carton packaging, had better make a wooden frame, electrical outlet and the power cord to packaged into a small carton. 7, scattered items packing tips all kinds of small adorn article and scattered little usable small boxes or plastic bags, use after the duct tape will not have to worry about, by the beginning of the big, heavy, try to put on the upper light items. 8, you may also have a lot of bits and pieces items, don't worry, can put them all into a woven bag or carton, convenient transportation. 9, kitchen supplies separately in one carton, tell our master light with light. 10, vessels using the know-how will first bowl, plate, cup classification, classification and packing again. Classification of packing and packing not only high efficiency, bowl, plate, cup should be one by one with paper wrapped up, such as no package or multiple packages together, could lead to friction and collision damage each other. Before into the vessel, should put the newspapers in his paper, on the bottom of the box as a buffer. Finally, put the dishes in the box below, put the cup, bowl upside down in the box top. Out again when using, also easy to arrange. 11, some kitchen supplies, such as hot pot to pay attention to the collection of disassembled parts, lest the assembly in the future when found. 12, put the glass and lamps and lanterns into a special box. Vertical plate, not flat. To protect the glass tape or foam packaging materials, the mirror glass box bandaged up painting or art. And outside the box label & other; Fragile goods & throughout; 。 13, books, magazines with packing belt cross * * lives turn used cardboard to protect or to use heavy boxes ( A small box) And don't put too much, too much is not easy to move. 14, some important documents and books, unified into one carton in neat, in order to avoid confusion. 15, for those large furniture, home appliances and daily necessities, logistics packaging, such as packed in carton and bubble film, for large items and prepare work in advance. Had better look for the master of professional packaging. 16, unused electrical appliances and wardrobe, big, have to send in advance or please recycle. 17, refrigerator handling to remove the plug before, empty again, don't put things inside. 18, washing machine to remove the plug, and then the internal wastewater completely ruled out. 19, TV, computer, etc with a quilt or a thick quilt cover on the screen, and its protection is good, then use adhesive tape to fix plug, etc. 20, wardrobe, desk, such as need internal empty, and the lock ( The key attention away) Or use the adhesive plaster. Table use cardboard first four corners good adhesive, to prevent scratch. Using a bubble, 21, a coffee cup, Or newspaper) Will encase cup, pour piled up and stagger the handle position, in order to protect the handle, please use bubble wrap tightly tied up, into the box, put his hand to cup body cross each other, pour into. 22, vases, or bottle, put within the packing box. In the case of the original. If will loose, please put some filler of fixed, even together in a carton box, can pack together with other items. 23, the valuables to bring their own, in order to avoid unnecessary disputes. If you choose to find logistics lp packaging, professional international logistics lp has experienced packaging team, can provide all goods with packing suitable for international transport services, and classified listing ( Such as child room, old person room items, master room, living room, etc. , convenient for the customer after receipt abroad quickly find urgent need goods) ; Believe that immigrants have international logistics demand friend look after the above introduction will have a better understanding on the international logistics, also will be more careful when choosing international logistics lp?
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