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How to see the top 10 pitfalls in the development

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-03

In today’s logistics market, every market segment has opportunities, and with the changes in business, the logistics scene is more abundant. It seems that there are many opportunities. Some even want to move from logistics, technology, business and other industrial dimensions to try to enhance Own strength. Some even engage in sideline businesses, such as restaurants, education, media, etc. It seems that as long as there is an opportunity, it will be linked to the logistics of the main business. But behind this, you have overlooked your team’s capacity limitations and resource limitations, and some projects may be a pit, waiting for you to jump down. Therefore, when the logistics market is undergoing a major consolidation, you need to resist the temptation. Don’t step on the wild flowers on the roadside. Maybe there are pits below. Be optimistic about your own road and step on the entity, although it may be slower. As long as there is cash inflow and profit generation, this is a good business.

1. What do we need to be alert to the new upgrade of logistics

The homogeneity of logistics services has not been alleviated by the transformation and penetration of Internet+, but has intensified. Whether it is logistics platformization, logistics integration methods, or logistics product innovation, or logistics technology applications, it is currently aimed at small and medium logistics companies, and On the logistics platform, the stories told by the same type of participants are getting closer and the content of the services introduced are getting closer and closer, making it difficult for the logistics demander or the integrated party to make a choice, or even lose their direction, and can’t help but ask the current situation. What are the logistics people doing? Do you really understand my needs? Therefore, it is now a critical period. Logistics people need to return to the path of differentiation. It is difficult for other people to overtake behind. You can’t directly refuel, and you can’t superimpose directly. You need to change the runway. There may be a glimmer of opportunity to create differentiation from the perspectives of segmentation, product design, brand image, data mining, and service upgrade. This is reality. Because, blindly following the addition, you may collide with others, and it may be you, not others.

Different logistics companies, different scales, different market segments, and different teams may face different situations, but at which point each team must break through the industry bottleneck, avoid the focus of competition, and establish core advantages. This is what each team must answer of. Some can make breakthroughs from the customer's industry selection, some can make breakthroughs from the perspective of internal resource integration mechanisms (such as vehicles, regional networks, routing, loading and unloading, etc.), and others can make breakthroughs by creating new products and services. , Such as drop off, drop box, standard logistics products, etc., then how to choose? The method is to start with the end, reverse deduction, start from the enterprise itself, find the target, explore the core pain points of the company's customers and potential customers, go deep into it, and bite the bones. There may be different actions.

Logistics is inherently connected, but the attributes of the link are seriously insufficient. From the day when there is logistics, logistics has become an indispensable link in commercial circulation, playing the fundamental task of accelerating the flow of goods and connecting the physical flow of the supply chain. For a long time, contracting and contracting have become the core choice for logistics scale and stabilization, but logistics transparency and supply chain coordination have been difficult to continue due to technical and management issues. In recent years, the emergence of emerging technologies such as collaborative platforms and cloud computing has greatly strengthened the data connection and information sharing of the logistics industry chain. However, it is still difficult for ordinary logistics companies to feel this change, and it is difficult for logistics companies to truly Participating in the core links of industrial services and integration is due to the fact that business itself is a chain, a comprehensive circulation entity integrating products, business flows, services, and information. Mere information connection or service connection can hardly change the overall performance and corresponding capabilities of the industry and supply chain. From this perspective, current logistics is still at the end of the commercial chain and at the low-value end. Even with the support of data and systems, it cannot be changed. Therefore, it is necessary for logistics providers to structure business from a higher level, higher dimension, and higher level. Blueprint, influence the business trend, graft the advantages of logistics to the core links of business, and truly improve transaction efficiency, circulation efficiency and service efficiency, which will be the basis for the improvement of link capabilities.

Second, what needs to be seen in the development of online freight platform

After more than 10 years of development of the logistics platform, the three-year pilot of the car-free carrier is over, and the first batch of network freight platforms are launched this year. The country hopes that the road transport sector can achieve a large-scale, informatized, compliant, efficient and orderly Development, changing the previously dispersed and inefficient operation methods, and filling in the lack of road transportation data, is more conducive to promoting the development of multimodal transportation. However, as the actual implementation of enterprises to operate, although various rules have been clarified in the declaration requirements and operation supervision of the online freight platform, compliant operation does not mean that there is a profit model, declaration threshold and compliance verification, etc. Both require a certain dynamic cost. Obtaining the qualifications of the online freight platform may be a burden for companies that have mismatched resources or are determined to make quick money, or companies that rely too much on tax depressions will find it difficult to continue operating once they return. . The undertaking of online freight is still based on the actual situation of its own business, and whether the value of the online freight platform is consistent with the company's future development. Then, based on the failure experience summarized in the past logistics platform development process, we will learn and summarize so that we can see the development of the network freight platform more clearly.

1. Too vague:

The market positioning of the platform is too vague, and there are too many stories to customers. The market positioning of the logistics platform is the basis for attracting participants such as cargo owners, car owners, 3PL, and dedicated lines. What kind of value do you bring to the participants of the platform, and why do users only Choose you over others? This basic problem is often ignored by explorers in the era when the concept of logistics platform is rampant. When we analyze the positioning strategy of the losers of logistics platform, we find that they mostly just use the concept and ignore the essence. Trendy concepts are basically reflected, such as UBER in the logistics industry, CH Robinson in China, intelligent trading platforms, capacity trading platforms, trunk line vehicle trading platforms, logistics O2O platforms, the largest in China, the first in the country, and the strongest in the country Wait, but even under the same definition, the losers of the logistics platform do not highlight their own characteristics. For example, in addition to providing a so-called Internet platform, you have some advantages in safety, service timeliness, response efficiency, and cargo owner industry selection. What is the positioning difference? Most losers are general positioning, blindly following the concept, and then relying on relationships, funds, and even rude scalping or market bragging to obtain users. As a result, after a period of operation, old customers leave, new customers avoid, and word of mouth is lost. Yourself.

2. Too contrived:

Platform marketing methods are wrong, logistics platforms need more B-end marketing. The Internet has brought new marketing models to the traditional gameplay of the logistics industry. Word-of-mouth marketing, Internet marketing, ad-post promotion, and self-media marketing continue to impact the original Logistics acquaintance economic circle, so we see that in the design of marketing text, circle interactive marketing, media interaction and other aspects of marketing, many logistics platforms are very hardworking. However, when we returned to the in-depth analysis of failed logistics platforms and researched their marketing paths, we found that they had made a common mistake of doing too much in marketing techniques, relying too much on personal communication, and paying too much attention to marketing methods and content design. Ignoring the huge logistics market, the C-side needs are a minority after all, and more logistics needs are still on the B-side, and the B-side marketing requires more professional capabilities, integration capabilities and corporate public relations capabilities and solution capabilities, thus breaking the B-side Highly rational and complex decision-making mode in decision-making. In this case, you cannot solve the complex decision-making logic of the B-side through so-called subsidies, burning money, advertising, WeChat Moments, etc. You also need your own strong internal skills and strong service capabilities, and you don’t follow this. The failure of the logistics platform is inevitable if the marketing method is not adjusted or adjusted.

Three, too illusory:

The content of the platform service is only information, find goods and find cars, but the actual content is less car find goods, goods find cars are the most common service content in the hot highway logistics platform market, connection, coordination, supply chain management, disintermediation, innovation Tools, etc., are the common service content of many other types of logistics platforms, but in essence, most logistics platform services, no matter how fancy and changing, are still looking for capacity and goods, and rarely escape this curse. Especially when we analyze the experience of the loser and the iterative process of the model, this situation is more obvious. In addition to capacity and cargo, there is very little innovation in the service content of the logistics platform. Some have been optimizing the so-called cargo and capacity matching efficiency, matching quality, and matching ability from the establishment to failure. For users, finding goods and finding capacity is just one of many needs, and it is often not a pain point or just need. Take the service line as an example. The line that is out of stock is only a part, and the line that lacks capacity is only a part. You need to find a dedicated line. Many pains, such as management, funding, networking, talents, product design, brand services, strategic development and many other aspects. This also makes us have to rethink the service design of the logistics platform. Providing efficient, convenient, reliable and fast services for pain points, and continuous iteration has become a long-term compulsory course for the logistics platform.

4. Too layman:

The rules of the platform ignore the rules of logistics, and the rules of suffering from deep logistics are the basis for the survival of the platform model. Even in the early stage of platform construction, the basic rules are still indispensable. Because the logistics industry itself is relatively complex, it can be controlled from benefits, processes, and nodes. The service content and other aspects involve deeper water. According to the actual situation of those poorly operated logistics platforms, we found that most of the logistics are too simple to think about, and the rule design is too simple, which leads to violations of the laws of logistics operations, resulting in more and more money burned in the development of logistics platforms, making ends meet. In the end, it will lead to the abyss of failure. Common typical mistakes are: ignoring the law of collocation of heavy goods and light goods in logistics intensification, ignoring logistics price fluctuation factors and cost structure, ignoring the role of logistics professionals, ignoring the economic characteristics of acquaintances in logistics, ignoring The characteristics of accounts receivable in logistics, the ignorance of the actual law of the development of the collection of goods, the ignorance of the objective reality of logistics integrity and guarantee, etc., this series of logistics industry itself has a certain degree of rationality, and the medium and short-term logistics use the Internet + platform model Factors to optimize. If you do not understand the root cause, blindly hold the banner of subversion, and do not follow the good temptation, the probability of failure in the construction of the logistics platform will increase greatly in the end. As for the future development, it depends on your team and market trend.

Five, too monotonous:

Platform product design is too monotonous, human touch and logistics are too weak. Whether it is a service product or a physical product, or an Internet product or a non-Internet product, the product design of the platform model and the non-platform model are very different. In the platform model The product emphasizes the effective distribution of value realization, perceived experience and value around the human heart. We analyze the product experience of a considerable number of logistics platforms that have poor growth and have entered the edge of danger. These platforms pay too much attention to superficial functions and aesthetics and ignore users as logistics participants in customer relations, operational timeliness, response efficiency, logistics costs, The logistics characteristics of information confidentiality, the privatization of cargo owner's business, logistics scheduling and management, etc., have resulted in products that are too single and even boring to experience, too catering to the Internet, and out of logistics needs. In the end, in terms of the results, this type of logistics platform has only one platform that looks like a platform. It looks like a large number of users. It seems that there are a lot of transactions. There are too few actual active users. The transactions are all virtual, which really brings income to the platform itself. , The actual value brought to platform users in terms of efficiency, cost, service, etc. is pitiful. This situation is worthy of reflection. If you do not speed up the iterative update of products, pay attention to the actual needs of logistics, and pay attention to the actual difficulties of logistics personnel, then I am afraid that you will be caught in the road of the logistics platform.

Six, too proud:

The platform operation method is my only one, ignoring alternatives other than direct competition. Various gameplays have been introduced in the construction of the logistics platform, whether it is mixing circles, building alliances, finding strategic partners, joining joint ventures, playing franchise, or raising high subsidies. , To push forward the implementation of breakthroughs, all this can not avoid competition. However, the overall style disclosed by the management team of the losers of the logistics platform is always self-confident. It is unique, and it is always self-sufficient. It always lacks the research, analysis and response to competitors when formulating strategies, operating users, and innovating products. This behavior of hiding ears and stealing the bell directly caused the logistics platform to be too obsessed with dreams during the operation process, and ignore the cruelty of reality. Its vision is limited to the field of logistics and direct competition, and it ignores that other peripheral competitors are competing in this market, and are making a layout. Zhang integrated the big network and eventually swallowed every segment of the logistics platform. Nowadays, such stories are happening in the fields of crowdsourcing logistics, intra-city logistics, trunk logistics, less-than-carload logistics and subdivision supply chain. We remind entrepreneurs to be vigilant at all times, establish a sense of competition, open their vision, fear the market, and respond modestly. , This is the wise move.

Seven, too open:

The platform cooperation model is too open. Honesty, responsibility, and user-oriented are the core concepts in the construction of logistics platforms. However, in the actual application process, those logistics platforms on the edge of life and death have deviated from these concepts, and some have even become pawns and bridges of others, and they face many problems in the end. After analyzing the design of business logic and the law of business operation, we found that the root cause was that this type of logistics platform did not pay attention to its own protection and did not establish its own advantages during the development process, which led to premature, rapid, and open opening. . The pace is not well grasped, and the cooperation mechanism is not formulated. As a result, the logistics platform loses focus in opening up, reduces the impact, and loses the initiative. In the end, the integrity system construction, logistics and transportation process responsibility traceability, user service and response, talent management and organization Major deficiencies in design and other aspects are manifested in the loss of planning system, deviation of execution methods, timeliness of monitoring mechanism, and improvement and innovation in a form. This situation makes the logistics platform the last thing to crush the platform under diplomatic difficulties. straw. The lesson for us is that the logistics platform needs to dynamically evaluate its own capabilities and advantages during the construction process. When faced with temptation and choosing partners, it should be open and open in an orderly manner, with a degree of control, and a win-win cooperation. It is the wisest to blindly follow the concept and choose a stable development path that suits you.

8. Too rough:

The ability of platform capital to fatten up the money-burning bubble, and the excessive use of capital sources and applications. Capital is a double-edged sword that can make you and destroy you. In the competition of logistics platforms, capital operation capabilities have become the core capabilities of leading logistics platforms, and at the same time it has become an unforgettable pain for failed logistics platforms. In the past two to three years, logistics platform entrepreneurs have received tens of billions of capital investment, which has also ignited integration disputes in the logistics market and raised the barriers to competition in the logistics industry. There was even a period of time when there was no platform for burning money, and more money Only authentic and other strange theories. However, since the capital winter in the second half of last year, many logistics platforms have experienced value depreciation, lack of financing, capital shortages, massive layoffs and other reverse operations, blowing the bubble of logistics platforms, making capital more rational and calm about today's logistics platforms , Some capital has even shifted from the logistics platform market to the technology-based supply chain service field with more industrial expansion capabilities. In view of this, our analysis along the trajectory of fund sources and use shows that for the capital side Logistics is a highly fragmented market, and the platform model is a trend. It seems that a little money can be used to integrate logistics. However, everyone knows that logistics is a big market and cannot be leveraged by tens of billions of capital in a short time. On the other hand, For entrepreneurs of logistics platforms, capital is only a key factor in the development of logistics platforms. We need to use it cautiously, increase revenue and reduce expenditure, and maintain liquidity of funds, so as to maintain savings when funds are sufficient, enhance hematopoietic capacity, and practice internal skills in advance. When funds are in short supply, we should prudently deploy, innovate, and increase revenue and reduce expenditure.

Nine, too optimistic:

Platform dreams are too optimistic to reflect reality, and team perspectives and actions lack complementarity. Every entrepreneurial team on a logistics platform has its own unique platform dreams, and also has its own unique personality. Some are optimistic and radical, some are pragmatic and enterprising, and some have visions. Equilibrium, some enthusiasm, some armed forces, etc., this diversified participant makes the domestic logistics market a bit more lively and a bit tossing. In the development process of the logistics platform, different teams present different differences in market selection, competition strategy, team layout and operation methods. Some range from first-tier cities to second-tier cities, some from rural areas to cities, and some from the matching of vehicles and goods, extending to the third party, SaaS, and supply chains, and some extend from SaaS to finance, business services in subdivided industries, and others Integrate online resources to balance development of self-built resources, etc. Different road choices and different teams have created different development trends of domestic logistics platforms. According to our observations and research, logistics platforms that have failed or have reached a dead end are too optimistic to estimate their own strength, market situation and competition enthusiasm in the development process. At the same time, the team is highly consistent, lacks diversified vision, and complements each other. The weaker nature ultimately makes such a logistics platform resistant to competition and risk, and then it fails. This lesson also allowed many early awakeners to lay out and adjust their strategies in advance, continuously introduce cross-industry talents, and build a diversified team of Internet, logistics, commerce, sub-industry experts, finance, etc. around the platform, opening a new platform journey As for the future success, it remains to be verified, we will wait and see.

10. Too complicated:

The design of the platform business model is too complicated, and it’s not clear how to make money in a few words. A good business model must be simple and easy to understand. One sentence can tell who the customer is, how to make money, and it must be unique, but not everyone knows. How to play. Based on this, we explored the business model design of domestic mainstream logistics platforms and found that many logistics platform business model designs are too homogeneous, and the design structure is too complex, the story is not clear, the profit point is too vague and unrealistic. As a result, there are few sources of income during the implementation process, money has been burned, and user development is extremely unstable.

The logistics industry changes, new logistics and new business evolve each other, and the connection of the C-end era is penetrating the connection of the industrial Internet era. Logistics innovators, entrepreneurs and integrators need to abandon strategic laziness and operational laziness, abandon the C-side thinking of single connection, strengthen the link ability, return to service logistics, empower logistics people, and upgrade the B-side thinking of logistics. Build one's core competence, form a moat, and finally achieve the improvement of logistics competitiveness through management upgrades, service upgrades, talent upgrades and technology upgrades, accelerate the upgrade and transformation of the logistics industry, and use positive actions and open patterns to improve the core advantages On this basis, using link capabilities to integrate socialized resources and build a logistics infrastructure for the service industry Internet may be a new way out for logistics under the new ecology.
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