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How to guarantee safe shipping annatto furniture to Australia?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-08
Annatto furniture is unique to the Chinese culture and art, both practical and collection value, has been admired by americans, many immigrant families in international logistics, domestic annatto furniture also will be with the past. Then China annatto furniture shipped to Australia need fumigation? How to ensure safety? First on the issue of the fumigation, many countries due to environmental protection, to import some of the wooden packing materials for the elimination of processing, fumigation is a way of treatment. At present, the United States, Canada, European Union, Japan and Australia and other countries to China's exports of wooden packaging requirements for fumigation, requirements must be issued by the United States, the official certificate of fumigation. The wood packaging is used for packaging, pad and support, and reinforce the goods material, such as wooden box, wooden box, wooden pallets, wood pad storehouse, barrel, wood cushion, sleepers, wood plate, wood shaft, wood 稧, etc. Annatto furniture shipped to Australia needs fumigation? The answer is needed. Australia customs is very strict to the requirement, even processed timber products, are also required to do fumigation. But can be at ease, fumigation is no harm to furniture, also won't leave any peculiar smell. Security, is the most basic demands, all international logistics handling annatto from China to Australia, how to ensure safety, the key lies in the packaging of the item. Packaging is the most basic safeguard, all goods transportation safety first packaging materials have to the quality pass, moistureproof, compressive strength, etc. , the second packing method to science, need to be protected against scratches, prevent friction, increase the impact resistance, etc. , the combination of both, combination. So pack to annatto furniture how to do? As a first step, cotton white paper packing: cotton white paper as a whole package of furniture, furniture paint protection and prevent furniture paint with pearl cotton because of high temperature adhesion. The second step, pearl cotton packing: pearl cotton is very good packaging material, waterproof and moistureproof, shockproof, sound insulation, heat preservation and good plasticity and toughness, recycling, environmental protection, strong impact force, and many other advantages, VIPU Supply Chain using custom furniture pearl cotton package, can effectively protect the surface of the furniture. The third step, edge protection: the most vulnerable, the corners furniture is easy to damage, at this moment need L corner protector to protect. Corner protector can according to length to cutting and furniture furniture, the thickness of the bead and strong degree completely can resist some slight collision the fourth step in the process of transportation, cardboard packaging: outside for five pieces of cardboard layer thickening, box according to the different shapes of furniture to cut. Use tape to outlet seal tightly. There are places of carve patterns or designs on woodwork, will add a layer of cardboard protection. Furniture is not only easy in handling after packaging, and transportation safer. In addition, the quality of logistics workers may also affect furniture transportation safety. Items in the process of handling damage phenomenon is very common in the logistics market, if violence handling handling personnel, and professional packaging is hard to beat the several violent collision, so in choosing international logistics lp, logistics lp staff quality factors shall also be taken into account. Finally is to buy insurance, insurance on your goods when facing damage even against catastrophic losses, to give the best remedy. China logistics to Australia, distance, link, time is long, although logistics lp will do our best to do everything the best, but can't ensure that no accidents, so it is strongly recommended that the annatto furniture of shipping such valuables when buying insurance, escort for your goods.
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