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How to declare the import and export of international exhibits?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-12
1. Import and export of international exhibits-When the customs declares for the export of exhibits raised for the holding of overseas exhibitions (sales), the unit that organizes the overseas exhibitions (sales) shall declare to the customs at the place of exit with the following documents: (1) of the competent authority Approval documents; (2) Exhibits list in duplicate; (3) If it is sponsored by a foreign trade or industry trade company and is a commodity subject to license management, an export goods license must be submitted; if it is sponsored by a non-foreign trade organization, regardless of whether it is a license For commodities under management, the certificate must be submitted; (4) Three copies of the export goods declaration; (5) Transport documents. When exhibits are re-imported from abroad, the unit that organizes the exhibition (sales) abroad shall declare to the customs at the place of entry with the following documents: (1) The list of exhibits shall be duplicated, indicating the original departure date, location, name of the means of transport, and country of exhibition Or region, as well as the handling of the sale, gift, abandonment, consumption or use of the exhibits during the exhibition abroad; (2) Transportation documents; (3) 'Import Goods Declaration Form' in triplicate. 2. Import and export of international exhibits-Customs will check and release the above-mentioned export exhibits and the list of re-shipped exhibits, and will be released after inspection by the customs at the place of entry and exit. Among them, if the exhibits need to be re-shipped to the local customs for formalities, they shall be approved by the customs at the place of entry. After the list is indicated, a copy shall be sent to the customs at the place where the organization organizing the exhibition abroad for verification and write-off. 'Customs-supervised goods' go through customs transit procedures. Note (1) If the exhibits are clearly sold abroad and are subject to export tax, they shall be released by the customs. If it is not clear, and sales occur abroad, the remaining exhibits will be levied when they are returned to the country. (2) Units that organize overseas exhibitions (sales) and import items, samples and other materials purchased and accepted during exhibition abroad must be separately packaged and listed in accordance with customs regulations, and declare imports to the customs at the place of entry. For the purchased items, in addition to the food and lodging utensils used by the staff collectively abroad, the approval documents of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation of the country must be submitted for inspection, and the customs shall inspect and release them after taxation or tax exemption.
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