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Tips VIPU Supply Chain tip: international logistics

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-10
1) How to save the time of international logistics? To save the time of logistics and preparation work to do first, to collect all the odds and their first into boxes or packaging, peers, so in the process of packaging can improve speed, avoid the broth are better than one. Second, we will arrange the time and schedule, the shipment will try to cooperate with your schedule, try to arrange a week after two weeks after you log in to the port of the ship, and let you have ample time to prepare for customs clearance. ( 2) How logistics is the most worry? Logistics should be finalised before which items ready for shipment, which don't need, and then determine the volume, according to the opinion of our is to use the LCL and FCL transportation services, and which items need to remove, which don't remove all want to plan in advance, avoid the logistics on the day of the plan in a hurry. ( 3) Often need to logistics? Some families need frequent logistics for some reason. For this kind of family, it is best to avoid buying some big furniture, but as far as possible with the landlord to provide equipment. Logistics is best not to throw away the used paper box, arrange another time to use again. It is best not to reserve some long-term services, such as do, milk and other services, so that you can avoid a lot of trouble. ( 4) How to avoid collision items? To our professional staff must indicate which box or the items belong to the protection, we can add eye-catching logo on the box or the clues; Some fragile items or valuable items must be for operators replacement instructions; Some heavy or bulky furniture ( Such as cabinet, piano, etc. ) We will pay special attention to carry and someone beside the command; Fragile or afraid of pressure container the top, we will put in the container, the first discharge.
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