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The shipping fees detailed analysis, don't covet a cheap!

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-08
A lot of friends in international cargo transport demand, will find international logistics lp or forwarder company, they tend to prices as the only measure, who is working with young cheaper. Little imagine, because of the various transportation costs in international shipping, often is not measured by the price a company good or bad, but those fees cheaper company will be in possession of all kinds of tricks. Small make up today is to give everyone a parsing the sea freight is how, must not covet is cheap at the moment. In addition to the shipping price & other; Pure & throughout; Freight, there are all kinds of miscellaneous fees, some of these fees is charged shipowners, some is the port of shipment/destination port charge, and some of them are forwarder had builded a nominal charge. And many fees and no clear standards, very flexible. In addition to charge shipper, some charge to the consignee ( That is our foreign customers) Charge. This is easy to produce two trap: one is some forwarder are more fees, 2 it is forwarder in regulation between the consignee and consignor, transfer fees. Generally, shippers find forwarder, shipper's patron, forwarder will try to please the consignor, lower cost and less fees, and in the port of destination to more customers, The consignee) Money, robbing Peter to pay Paul, and vice versa. This is why the same batch of goods, if do is CNF, let's find their own forwarder, cost is lower; For FOB forwarder appointed by the customer, the fees are much higher. Know the story, let's see, can't covet cheap, thought that the lower the price, the better. And be sure to determine the price of good beforehand, avoid some adverse forwarder collects fees in disorder or pass on customer after shipment, affect our relationship and cooperation with the customers. First of all, let's just about the composition of the freight have a certain understanding, learn to distinguish & other; Guild regulations & throughout; The charging items and collect fees in disorder. Common incidental expenses include: 1, the ORC: OriginReceivingCharge surcharges for the port of shipment; 2, DDC: DestinationDeliveryCharge destination delivery fee; 3, THC: TerminalHandlingCharge terminal operations ( Condole ark) Fee; 4, BAF: BunkerAdjustedFactor fuel surcharge, or the FAF ( FuelAdjustedFactor) ; 5, CAF: CurrencyAdjustmentFactor devaluation surcharge; 6, DOC: Document file fee; 7, PSS: PeakSeasonSurcharge: peak season surcharge. 8日,AMS: AmericaManifestSystem ( America manifest system) 。 Since 2003 the United States for counter-terrorism, ruled that all goods shipped to the United States, the shipping company goods information through the AMS system must be submitted to us customs. The same forwarder must put the cargo information truthfully report to the shipping company. Forwarding to the owner a AMS surcharge, usually about $25 / sheet. The fee charging items will do adjustment according to the different time and route, but the industry basic fixed, that is to say, to accept everyone will accept, if the other people all don't accept a forwarder charge column names, then there is a problem. Under the condition of FOB, it is important to pay special attention to the inflated cost project. FOB, of course, is the customer designated forwarder, freight forwarders and other Please & throughout; The object is foreign clients, let's assume domestic miscellaneous fees must be higher than under CNF, this is & other; Hidden rules & throughout; , can't. But not far off the mark. Around the market is a bit different, can according to local conditions, to find several forwarder, in order to understand the local & other; Guild regulations & throughout; 。 Edit summary: after small make up the above detailed resolution of sea freight, I believe you for composition have a certain understanding of the cost of shipping. Any regular shipping company or forwarder company, can have the more standard way to charge, when we are working with must sharpen the eyes, don't covet a cheap and repent at leisure. VIPU international logistics lp perennial Supply Chain for people to go abroad or home to provide professional door to door double clear GuanGuoJi logistics services, shipping multinational carry furniture will find VIPU international logistics Supply Chain. If you have this aspect demand, are welcome to call our hotline for free.
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