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The meaning of container from tank from pile of period and way of application

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-07
International Marine furniture we will use the container to transport the furniture, at the time of booking if the shipping destination is far, we usually apply for a long enough container from tank from pile of period. Many friends want to know the two periods is what mean? Small make up today, and everyone together to explain the container from tank from pile of period the basic definition, should how to apply for. Container ark Free period in the strict sense is divided into Free Demurrage and Free detention. This calculation is not the same in the two periods, Free Demurrage generally refers to the container unload to the dock to the container terminal was introduced, in the period of the Free Detention is put forward the port to return empty rail containers of this period. The two periods of merger, constitutes a container of free ark period. In general, the ship company give container from ark period for seven days or so commonly, if beyond the time limit, you need to pay the corresponding tank demurrage. Some port for transshipment or other what reason, can apply for extension of free ark period, the longest can be extended to 21 days. From pile of period is from short for stockpiling period, English writing Free storage. It starts from the container discharge to the dock until container to pull a period. Generally speaking, the general cargo from pile of period for five to seven days, if more than deadline, you will need to pay the storage charge. Container from ark period and from stockpiling period should be how to apply for? In general container from ark period is determined by the shipping company, so if you really have the necessary, you can apply to the shipping company. In general, as customers of shipping company, apply for 14 days container from ark, general shipping company will be approved, but the twenty-first day may have some difficulties. For 21 days of free ark period is approximately equal to the ship company will lend each other for free container use 21 days, it is a loss for the shipping company, unless the ship company's stable customers, or the number of idle cabinet company in Hong Kong very much. The free storage period while also apply to the shipping company, but there is a fundamental difference and container ark free period. After it extended storage charge is charged by the port to the ship company, to charge to the customer by the ship company again. As a result, the customer to the shipping company to apply for a longer free storage period is often not accepted, because if the ship company customers more free storage period, means that the need to pay to the dock. Edit comment: that is the basic meaning of container from tank from pile of period and application methods are introduced, friends can take more attention to international transport of goods. Actually in the logistics industry is a professional term, if we make a careful study and reasonable use, so can save a lot of both time and expenses. VIPU international logistics Supply Chain for the majority of people going abroad all the year round to provide international shipping services furniture, if you have this demand please call our hotline.
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