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Long Island And Port Jefferson Fishing

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-23

Long Island Fishing and Port Jefferson fishing is some of the best fishing on the entire east coast. From Striped bass,blackfish to bass,there is an abundance of fish like we have not seen in years.

Our Summer Flounder/Fluke fishery is at an all time high. Long Island sound saw a run of fluke from mid may till mid july that was epic! Partyboats from Port Jefferson were limiting out some days by noon using bucktails, while returning hundreds of fluke back to fight another day. The fishing reports from these weeks are truly impressive.

Yes Port Jefferson has some memorable fishing for sure!! If there has been one positive sign that we saw this fishing season here in our waters, was the incredible fishing for striped bass. No doubt it was a season that will be remembered for a very long time as it seemed every striped bass migrating northward passed through our area!

There is a wonderful fihsing tradition in Port Jefferson and party and charter boats have operate here for several decades now. The fleet has all sorts of trips for families and kids, educational fishing programs, charity fishing trips, as well trips for the hard core fishermen! Whether you are a beginner or expert, you will find a trip that suits you.

There are some many opportunities for people to enjoy fishing. From beginner to expert there is something for everyone. There are many Party and charter boats to choose from, beaches to fish off of, and great resources to teach you how to find the best places too fish. There are many great saltwater fishing forums and sites as well that can help you get tackel and instruction.

Fishing is a wonderful past time to get kids involved with and a memorable activity for the entire family. Pick a nice day, call up one of your local boats or tackle shops and they can tell you where the best place to fish will be in your area. Fishing from Port Jefferson can be so fun!. And its incredible fishing is just one of its many hidden treaures!!

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