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Lithium battery export _VIPUTRANS hair FBA empty send special line new regulations

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-27
The international air transport association recently released a 2020 air transport of dangerous goods regulations ( IATADGR61th) New modify the content of the feed. As usual, lithium battery transport rules continue to change, will influence the transport of lithium batteries in 2020. Involve the lithium battery has the following changes: 1. 4. 2 the terms of the dangerous goods list for UN3536Lithiumbatteriesinstalledincargotransportunit increased the dagger symbol; 吗? ” 。 Add the dagger symbol; 吗? ” The current term in appendix A related item in order to provide more information; 2. PI968 to PI970, has been applied to the lithium battery terminology; aggregatelithiumcontent” The term in unity to the UN test and standard manual; 3. 7. 1. 3. 1 revision mark when it comes to measure, environmental hazardous substances and lithium battery marking is required, these tags must be displayed at the same side of the package. When these tags through embodied in the form of adhesive labels, these labels may not collapse or not will label to paste in the edge of the package are covered to two different surface; 4. Appendix A, modified and increase of the defined term, including increased; aggregatelithiumcontent” And revise the definition of the definition of fissionable material change it to; fissilenuclides” And a new definition; lithiumbatteriesinstalledincargotransportunit” ; 5. A new appendix AppendixI, the appendix is used to provide relevant will come into force in January 1, 2021, the contents of these content based on the sample from the UN dangerous goods regulations 21st edition revised content, at the same time, the dangerous goods group of ICAO has come to an agreement in 2021 - 2022 version of TI increase the changes in content, involving lithium battery related content is as follows: using the sample from the UN dangerous goods regulations revision of the corresponding clause 21, driven by the lithium battery data recorder and cargo tracking device, when the data recorder or cargo tracking device is attached to or placed inside the package, synthesis inside the package or container equipment at the same time, the data recorder or cargo tracking device in running status, or due to in transit, will cancel the controls of such devices; Change the lithium battery operating tag, to allow the marker to 100 mmx100mm rectangular or square. Smaller versions of markup minimal size will be changed to 100 mm wide x70mm high. Small make up remind everybody: battery related enterprise must, in combination with the new change as soon as possible for the lithium battery transport packaging, documents, such as adjusting, ensure smooth transport of lithium batteries. The line of international logistics professional international freight forwarders, according to your actual condition to give the best logistics arrangement, save time and effort, the whole heart service for you!
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