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LDE fluorescent panels are exported to the United

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-15
The customer Mr. Liu is an Amazon e-commerce company. He found VIPUTRANS International Logistics via the Internet when he accidentally went online. The fluorescent board products currently developed by their company sell well on Amazon in the United States. Because of the large volume of goods and want to save freight, I want to find more international logistics companies to compare prices.

Although our price is much cheaper than that of the cross-border logistics company they had been cooperating with for a long time, we have not cooperated with VIPUTRANS before, and there are still many concerns in my heart: what should I do if the goods are lost and damaged? How to pay for the first cooperation? How to guarantee the timeliness of goods? Is it because a small company receives the goods at a low price and then increases the price for various reasons? But in the end, VIPUTRANS resolved the concerns of our customers with our expertise.

The contract signed by the two parties indicates the detailed information of the goods, the number of pieces, the volume and all the cost details will be on the contract: ocean freight, customs declaration fees, miscellaneous expenses, etc., and promise the customer the amount of compensation for the non-arrival before the date. This is before the cooperation VIPUTRANS guarantees to customers. Once the customer's needs are confirmed, we will make a professional US shipping quotation to the customer, which will indicate: ocean freight, shipping company, shipping route, accurate timeliness estimation, etc.

At the same time, VIPUTRANS will recommend customers to purchase freight insurance according to the value of the commercial invoice according to the needs of customers, so that your goods can go safer.

Customer evaluation: I almost missed VIPUTRANS, a high-quality international logistics company, because I don’t understand. This cooperation saved me a lot of air freight costs. The goods arrived on time while the price was cheap. Thank you Lisa for your patience and route. Explain, thank you Miss Yang for working overtime to handle my goods, and for the driver to pick up the goods, delivery problems, thank you customs broker Alin, a very patient girl, all the customs declaration do not understand all the explanation to me slowly. Thanks for the after-sale tracking LiLi, early morning I got up after 12 o'clock to help me check the cargo situation and reply to the foreigner. Thank you very much VIPUTRANS for the service provided to me by the professional team. This time I feel the value for money.

VIPUTRANS summarizes: We thank every customer for their trust. We will uphold the principle that cooperation is heart-to-heart to treat each customer patiently and solve each customer's problem. With our many years of experience in China-US special line shipping, air transportation and Amazon FBA first-way logistics, we will escort your Amazon store!
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