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How to export to abroad _VIPUTRANS battery products

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-29
As you all know, the battery is belong to sensitive products, order between the contraband violations, in some countries can send, you can't send in some countries. Internationally, so what is the definition of sensitive, small make up to you say, what is a sensitive goods? Sensitive goods, including food, electronic products, 3 c products, cosmetics, etc. These items are difficult to transport, there are two main reasons. One is the international Courier company worry about the risk of transport to the plane of this kind of goods, the second is the destination customs concerns about the safety of goods such as food can be safe to eat and power supply, etc. Product can safe use. For these reasons, international express companies around the world and the customs will strictly investigating sensitive cargo. If sensitive cargo without relevant certificates, the customs will withhold, it is prohibited to transport. So, export of sensitive products what certificate to need? 1) MSDS report, MSDS report is a report on chemical production, trade and sales companies in accordance with the legal requirements to the downstream chemical characteristics of customers and the public to provide comprehensive regulatory documents. 2) Dangerous certificate name is; Import and export goods packaging performance test results list & throughout; , mainly for export to packaging of dangerous goods. Dangerous packing certificate application includes two aspects, one is the performance certificate, may provide the packaging by the formal issued by manufacturer. Another is to use proved that, by the performance certificate issued by the local commodity inspection bureau of dangerous goods factory. 3. The determination of the cargo transport refers to, in accordance with the laws and standards of cargo transportation of hazardous goods at home and abroad. Identify and recommend the safety measures. With the above-mentioned documents and certificates, battery products can exit, which is very complicated. Other products, such as food, cosmetics, etc. , also need relevant certification documents, in order to smooth transportation, comply with the regulations of customs clearance. Therefore, without these files if the project is impossible to export to foreign countries? Not necessarily! How in the absence of proof data is sensitive to export goods? Doesn't prove that information can be used as a sensitive goods flush goods exported to foreign countries, if the customs don't check, can be shipped by the specific logistics channel to destination customs clearance.
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