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From domestic furniture shipped to Calgary, how to transport

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-11
Calgary ( Calgary) Located in the Rocky Mountains in southern alberta, Canada, is the fourth largest city in Canada, is also the richest in the world, safety, happiness, and with the highest standard of living of one of the city, for many years by the economist of the world's most liveable city before five. Calgary immigrant, want from domestic furniture shipped to Calgary, so how to operate? VIPU Supply Chain international summarized below. One, understand the shipping costs and shipping costs associated with the volume of items to check the size and the place related to the factors such as the destination, you call the logistics lp consulting related fees, must know to check furniture volume how many, if not sure, may be logistics lp send someone the door, get accurate data can be provided by the logistics lp accurate quotation, whether the price level in your mind. In general, the shipping door to door value-added services, will all fees included. Second, according to the volume of furniture to choose the mode of transportation choice or FCL transport shipping spell ark, this should see you to ship the furniture size, if the furniture is less than 20 cubic volume, suggested spell ark, if more than 20 cubic, FCL transport cost-effective, so according to the actual number of party choice ark type. Within 20 gp: size of 5. X2 69 metres. 13 meters X2. Gross weight is commonly 17 18 meters, distribution. 5 tons, the volume of 24 - 26 cubic meters. 40 gp: content of 11. 8 m X2. 13 meters X2. 18 meters, distribution general is 22 tons, gross weight, volume of 54 m3. Within 40 hq: size is 11. 8 m X2. 13 meters X2. 72 meters. Distribution general is 22 tons, gross weight, volume of 68 cubic meters of three, provide relevant materials by sea to Calgary need 1, if you go abroad immigration: please bring copy of passport and immigration paper, list items, and estimate the weight of the volume 2, if you are Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao residents: please bring Taiwan compatriots certificate ( Or residence permit) , certificate of study or work, new goods, invoice, list, and estimate the weight of the volume of listing 3, if you are a foreigner: please bring the copy of passport or, new goods, invoice, certificate of away from the office, The original) Items list, and estimate the volume weight list! Four, from domestic furniture shipped to Calgary, the process of shipping logistics of general process: - price consultation, confirm order The door, goods packaging - measurement - booking customs clearance Payment - Customs clearance delivery. 1, price consultation if you want to know specific information from domestic furniture shipped to Calgary, consult international logistics customer service personnel, they according to the place, you provide the information such as destination and to transport the goods, will be tailored for you international private goods logistics solutions, Canadian customs policy advice and goods packaging advice, etc. , and then offer according to your choice of service manner. Volume 2, door-to-door survey assessment when did your consultation, if you don't know the specific item volume, then VIPU international logistics Supply Chain will arrange professional staff for you to live at home, free on-site measurements to assess the volume of the items you want to check, then VIPU Supply Chain customer service staff will calculate the accurate quotation according to the specific data. 3, confirm the order, goods packaging when you confirm the shipping door to door to Japan after the order, the international logistics lp will conclude a contract for the international logistics transport with you, and then, based on your schedule for you choose shipping date and booking, booking space, after the completion of the international logistics lp will according to the scheme of time, to provide door-to-door package. There will be professional packaging team with special packing materials and tools, check items for you to provide professional packaging. 4 and national customs and expense settlement VIPU Supply Chain international customer service staff will according to you provide certificate of material and the packing list for customs clearance, customs declaration, after the completion of VIPU has a dedicated customer service to inform you that the Supply Chain international conference took place after shipment, such as your dedicated customer service personnel will be in the form of mail to the Marine bill of lading issued by the shipping company give you confirmation, after confirmed, you can call the proceeds to VIPU account designated by the Supply Chain. 5, customs clearance and delivery after ship arrived, according to the Canadian customs policy, customs clearance need to in person, so international logistics lp send people to help the customer to customs clearance, and then send to your door. Five, the attention from domestic furniture shipped to Calgary 1 belongs to North America, Canada, inspection and quarantine law is quite strict, Canada customs, inspection and quarantine department has the right of a very large, does not allow new immigrants to carry such as animal and plant seeds, without the processed meat and without inspection and quarantine of livestock, etc. 2, Canada, the voltage is 110 v, and the present domestic the most common use is 220 v, if you want to carry electrical appliances in the past, choose a voltage adapter advice when buying range wide, such as 110 v - currently on the market Adaptive voltage between 230 v, the Canadian can be normal use. 3, logistics to Canada for the first time can enjoy the welfare of the duty-free entry to carry personal items, then, duty-free requires conditions: ( 1) Just immigrated to Canada, or to get the card soon, within five years. ( 2) The shipper is very miscellaneous, in addition to large furniture, and petty articles for daily use, such as bedding, tableware, collectibles, toys, clothes, books, tools, accessories and so on, 3) One items account for most of the old, such as more than eighty percent of the old items.
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