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Forwarder how to circumvent the risk of FCR? These points must be mastered

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-08
Do the international forwarding industry of the people must know what is FCR, FCR? FCR is refers to the freight agent receiving certificate ( Hereinafter referred to as the FCR) , this is when we do international transport a proof of the receipt of the goods entrusted by the customer. International transportation journey faraway and turbulence is unusual, any abnormal situation is possible, the risk value is much higher than other ordinary transport. So how do we avoid FCR risk? This small make up today is to circumvent the FCR to you about the techniques and main points of the risk, let you easily deal with all kinds of emergency. First of all, the FCR is how to? Is the international cargo transport agents association ( FIATA) Recommended international freight agent use of documents, the organization is the proof of receipt of the goods freight forwarders. What situations you will encounter FCR? FCR only appear in the FOB or under EXW terms. In the export business, when the buyer for the famous international supermarket or large construction projects of the purchaser, because of the large number of the order, the cycle is long, an order several times may transport, the buyer to save time and freight, in conclude when buying and selling contract often require the use of FOB price terms or EXW price terms. FCR to control the main characteristics of transport of goods by the buyer, as designated by the buyer the seller deliver the cargo to forwarder, the freight agent package under several containers to the ship company in advance, and then by the freight forwarder is responsible for loading, for the goods arrived at destination, and shall be the responsibility of the shipping agent in destination agent brought the ark, and distributed to different parts of the consignee. Thus: 1, and the shipping company to sign the contract of transport by sea is the freight agent instead of the shipper; 2, after the shipper deliver the cargo to the forwarder, the documents is FCR instead of Marine bill of lading; 3, FCR just for receipt of the shipper, just promise the goods can be shipped to the destination shown on the FCR; 4, the buyer does not need FCR to pick up the goods, no cargo rights protection; 5, the distinction between FCR and negotiability of the bill of lading, only to the named consignee ( Out of the situation you can't resell) 。 What kind of problem FCR will give exporters? The characteristics of the FCR will lead to exporters when encounter problems will be difficult to Sue the buyer: in the actual operation, the FCR usually prominently on the front clear records & other; The goods will be shipped directly to the consignee & throughout; , as long as the shipper accepted the documents, which shall be agreed by the constraints, so use the FCR instead of the bill of lading under the mode of transportation, the carrier to deliver the goods directly to the consignee is neither illegal nor to default, do not need to assume liability to pay compensation for loss of the shipper was. So, the buyer will, even if no pay also may first attempt to pick up the goods. In the process, once appear problem, a lot of time is not clear who to who wrong, but disagreements, buyers will grasp the initiative, advantage of the characteristics of FCR, first pick up the goods, does not affect your sales, at the same time, find a reason, Fault too easy) Temporarily no payment no give money, export manufacturers to bring cash flow pressure, forced into submission. How to avoid the risks of FCR? Understand the FCR mode 1, first of all, in the FCR records & other; The goods will be shipped directly to the consignee & throughout; , belong to the agency appointment contract legal relationship between freight agent and the consignee, cargo agent according to the instruction from the consignee for the consignee to collect the goods, LCL, charter booking, such as work, FCR at this time only have the function of the receipt of goods, rather than the carriage of goods by sea documents. 2, but when the FCR records & other; The goods to the consignee & throughout; That freight forwarder promise according to the transport requirement specified FCR transporting goods to the destination, the shipping agent in a legal status of nvocc, the FCR shall be regarded as transport documents issued by the department of transportation contract. FCR the risk aversion of 1, to understand the FCR above two kinds of different ways of records, will influence the legal status of FCR, when drawn FCR so, the seller may specify & other requirements; The goods to the consignee & throughout; 。 ( But in the case of buyer's designated forwarder, forwarder need to be responsible to the buyer, the operation is more difficult to perform) 2, when signing the sales contract, the shipper don't agree to substitute FCR for Marine bill of lading. The application of the bill of lading generally has nothing to do with the price terms of contract, as long as the trading contract with foreign exchange settlement, bills of lading after the goods by the carrier or the shipment, as long as shipper's request, the carrier should be issued by the bill of lading. 3, to the sinosure insurance application is put forward. Chinese exporters in the contract and payment for FCR, an application may be proposed to sinosure, sinosure credit investigation by the creditibility of the location of the contract party, assessment can be insured amount, within the scope of the regulation can be insured to ensure the accounts receivable. Considering the FCR just receipt, exporters can according to the O/A ( Sell on credit) Terms of payment. 4, using CNF or CIF terms of trade. Contact shipping company or forwarder by the seller, to arrange transport of goods, control right of cargo. Especially for those who are problematic, such as raw materials under tension, price volatility, the order too late, and so on, would rather bear the risk of fluctuations in freight, also want to insist to do CNF. Although the freight fluctuation risk, but, after all, your own forwarder or ship owners do not need to worry, generally do not appear to put a single risk. Edit summary: according to the above small make up for some common problems and risks of FCR explanation, I believe you already know in my heart. FCR risk is a lot of time in case accident happened, forwarding industry friends need to do is how to avoid these risks, how can to minimise the risks brought about by the loss. VIPU international logistics Supply Chain industry for going abroad or home all the year round to provide professional door to door double clear GuanGuoJi logistics service, if you have this demand, can dial the hotline for free.
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