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FBA warehouse operation plan

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-19
Amazon Logistics+'s FBA warehousing operation solution provides warehouse warehouse operation services for customers with commodity logistics needs, including commodity storage, order distribution, packaging and delivery services; whether you are an international top 500 brand manufacturer or on the Internet For the majority of small and medium-sized e-commerce sellers, we can meet your needs for safe, efficient and low-cost warehousing operations.

Then carry out general commodity storage: provide customers with first-class warehouse management services, provide real-time inventory data updates. Rely on a unique random storage model and a powerful data management system to ensure the accuracy of commodity storage.

Then comes the product picking and packaging: using the background big data analysis to optimize the best picking efficiency, shorten the customer's order processing time, and provide professional logistics packaging and protection according to the customer's specific shipping information to ensure that the goods are intact and timely distribution.
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