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Decorations choose VIPUTRANS Sino-US dedicated

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-09
Mr. Xie is a partner of VIPUTRANS in Guangzhou. He mainly sells home furnishings and has his own shop on Amazon. Mr. Xie has always used our American dedicated line of logistics channels. From the initial small order express to the large-scale export by sea, Mr. Xie’s orders are getting larger and larger, and it is more pleasant to cooperate with us. Because VIPUTRANS is very professional in Sino-US special line shipping, we have more than 10 years of American logistics and transportation experience, so we have a wealth of operational experience in Sino-US transportation, and customers can rest assured. For Amazon fba, there are also multiple transportation channels, especially in terms of price and timeliness in sea bulk LCL, and it can formulate different transportation plans according to customer needs to meet different needs of customers.

Mr. Xie has always maintained a good cooperative relationship with us. Although there were some minor problems during the period, they were quickly resolved. Such efficient and considerate service made Mr. Xie very satisfied. Recently, Mr. Xie plans to send a batch of goods to Amazon fba in the United States, and the volume is about 20 square meters. Sandy, the salesman who met with Mr. Xie, also followed up in time and reported the double-cleared door-to-door price of Amazon FBA ocean freight. The price includes customs declaration fees, customs clearance fees, delivery fees, and miscellaneous taxes at the destination port. Sexual consumption. Mr. Xie is also very relieved. The cooperation has been very familiar with these time-sensitive prices, so he immediately finalized the delivery plan. The salesperson Sandy soon arranged to pick up the goods and deliver the goods to our warehouse safely. Shipment can be loaded and shipped. During the period, there will be timely feedback of logistics information, so there is no need to worry, and it will really save customers time and trouble!
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