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Dangerous goods _VIPUTRANS international freight need to pay attention to what problem

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-21
Freight forwarders and packing of dangerous goods need to pay attention to what issues? Below hazardous VIPUTRANS international logistics, import and export operation: the definition of dangerous goods is corrosive, naturalness, flammability, toxicity and explosive properties, such as in the process of transportation, loading and unloading, storage and keeping cause personal casualty and property damage and need special protection, belong to the dangerous goods. An overview of dangerous goods dangerous goods points 1 - Class 9 classes a total of nine categories: explosion; Second: compressed gases; Three categories: flammable liquid. Four categories: flammable solid. Five categories: antioxidants and peroxide; Six classes: toxic; Seven categories: radioactive; Eight categories: corrosion class; Nine categories: miscellaneous and Marine pollution. Dangerous goods booking booking to provide? MSDS are so common and dangerous packages ( Or pot inspection) , and grant of carriage of goods issued by the authority of the battery class goods also need to provide test report. To explain what is MSDS first? MSDS is four English letters the first letter of the Material Safety Data Sheet. MSDS is a goods resume the same file, not particularly important, but it can make us easily know the information of this product. So when the customer said don't know the UN you can let the customer to provide MSDS, have inside the item 14. Remember the shipping company only 16, the English version. Pot test and crisis package the two files is the example of the same nature, according to the situation, as long as provide one. Of each cylinder of the class is to provide boiler inspection; Other categories are dangerous package, the size of the refrigerant cans cans, is also a dangerous packages. When booking these provide full, basically it's no problem, also pay attention to the point: the data of dangerous goods must provide net weight, net and gross weight is important in the same way as dangerous package above. The number of dangerous goods are not allowed to change, so be careful when fill in. Pot test is not single packaging performance, performance alone is dangerous packages. For example, such as your goods packaging is corrugated paper box. You need to provide the performance of corrugated paper box single, commodity inspection bureau will also single issue a dangerous package according to your performance, the doorway inside a lot. To get the book and the data can booking. Booking space after we want to provide a set of hazardous materials. Provide information, dangerous goods is waiting for the port of destination for examination and approval. This process requires 2 - 3 working days or so. The port of destination is going to put the warehouse after approved. Here you will notice, sometimes did not have the port of destination for examination and approval of the position, you still can't walk; You must ensure that the port of destination passed the examination and approval, but also have a position. Dangerous goods after the container put a storehouse is the trailer loading. To note here is that the first, the car must be a dangerous goods management team; Second, the container must be in accordance with the requirements of the maritime safety administration. Dangerous goods are need supervision of loading, supervision of loading member harbour superintendency administration needs to accept professional training, supervision of loading certificate has been obtained and tested for their qualifications. All advanced category of dangerous goods to warehouse. Other categories can be directly into the port, maritime declaration of basic has completed the car into the port. Here to explain what is car straight boat loaded directly, and the two are the same concept, it means that category cannot be piled up at the dock must wait for the ship is in port, directly from the car directly hung on the ship. This process requires the team arranged. After the declaration is the customs declaration, customs clearance and cargo makes no difference, regardless of is dangerous goods, because the customs declaration as prescribed to provide the HS code above file. After the customs is waiting for sailing, sign the bill of lading. At the back of the process are the same.
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