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British media: China's cross-border e-commerce

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-02
   China's cross-border e-commerce transaction volume is increasing rapidly, which has spawned new charter flights and freight routes to meet demand. Cainiao, the logistics arm of Alibaba, said this week that it will increase the number of export chartered flights to 1,260 in the next nine months. In March and April this year, the number of chartered flights by Cainiao International was close to 200, and the total number will reach nearly 300 in May and June. The addition of new flights will cut the average delivery time of international air freight by half to 3 to 5 days. In March of this year, the company launched a new charter service from its Hangzhou headquarters to Kuala Lumpur, 5 flights per week. Other new charter flights include Hangzhou, Hong Kong and Harbin to Moscow, Tel Aviv and Liege.

At the same time, Shenzhen-based SF Airlines also launched a series of international routes this year, (destination) including (India) Chennai, Delhi, (Japan) Osaka, Tokyo, (USA) Los Angeles, (Malaysia) Kuala Lumpur, ( Vietnam) Ho Chi Minh City, (Thailand) Bangkok and Singapore etc. The company currently flies more than 20 international flights every week.

   Data from the international third-party logistics giant Seko shows that as customers who stay at home continue to increase online shopping orders, China's e-commerce transaction volume has reached a new high this year. The company’s Asia-Pacific air freight and e-commerce business executive Gunasekla said: 'In order to maintain the flow of goods, some centralized shippers will purchase 10 to 12 flights in one contract.' For China's e-commerce and courier predators In other words, the (international) flight network is gradually expanding with their further investment in overseas warehousing operations. Cainiao plans to double its overseas storage space to 2 million square meters within three years. Coupled with the close cooperation with more than 30 customs clearance ports, it will help speed up the logistics platform to process 30 million orders sent to China every day. In terms of exports, small and medium-sized enterprises can also use the newly-added storage space to stock up in advance, which will ensure that over 90% of future orders sent from China to global cities will be delivered to overseas consumers within 72 hours. (Author Sam Wilman, translated by Wang Huicong)
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