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The calculation of international logistics FCL cargo by sea freight

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-14
International logistics FCL cargo ocean freight calculation is as follows: for the whole container shipping container freight collecting: a method is the same as LCL cargo, according to the actual freight ton billing. Another method, but also is the common method is that the press box collecting freight according to the type of container. In the container FCL container shipment and use for the ship company all cases, the carrier has press & other; Container minimum utilization & throughout; ( 集装箱最低利用率) And & other Container highest utilization & throughout; ( 集装箱最大利用率) Pay the ocean freight. ( 1) Charged according to container minimum utilization in general, the liner conference in charge when container ocean freight usually only calculate the tonnage of cargo container itself without the weight or volume of charge, but there is a minimum requirement for container loading utilization, namely & other; The lowest utilization & throughout; 。 However, for some of the carrier or liner conference, only when using special container ship transportation of container, don't charge the container freight, while the conventional ship transport container by container gross weight ( Including the weight of goods in the cabinet) The volume or collect ocean freight. Container is the main purpose of the lowest utilization, if the cargo tonnage ( Weight or volume) Does not meet the requirements of the, are charged according to the corresponding minimum efficiency tons of freight, in order to ensure that the interests of the carrier. In container minimum utilization, usually including pallet weight or volume. The utilization ratio of the minimum size depending on the container type, size and the operational strategy of container liner company follows. , of course, in some rate of liner conference table, the container of the lowest utilization ratio is usually only related to the size of the box, regardless of the type of container. At present, by collecting the freight container minimum utilization form, there are three main types: the minimum load tons, the lowest freight amount, and a mixture of these two forms. Minimum load tons can is tons in weight or measurement ton, also can be accounted for container loading capacity ( Load or volume) A percentage of. With the lowest weight or measurement ton loading tonnage is usually in accordance with the container type and size of different and different, but in some cases also can be the same. Container loading capacity of a certain proportion and when used to determine the minimum load tons, this proportion for container load capacity and volume capacity usually are the same, of course, there are not the same. The lowest freight amount is per ton or a minimum freight amount specified in each container, which is also known as & other; Box lowest freight & throughout; 。 As for the above two types of hybrid form is according to the following method to determine the minimum utilization: container (1) container load capacity or a certain percentage of volume capacity and per container container unit volume or the specified minimum freight amount; (2) the minimum weight or measurement ton, plus a certain percentage of container volume capacity. ( 2) Kui cases of freight, 缺少货运) Calculation when the container loading cargo gross weight or by volume fail to reach the specified minimum weight or measurement ton, causes the container loading capacity underused, the owner will pay freight kui box. Kui box freight is actually insufficient to collecting the freight billing tons, is the lowest freight ton and specified in the difference between the actual loading quantity of the goods. When calculating the kui cases of freight, usually in the highest rate in computing the goods contained in the standard. In addition, when a container minimum utilization is & other; Box lowest freight & throughout; Form, if according to the tonnage of goods contained in the cabinet with the basic rate when multiplied the freight amount, plus the surcharge is still lower than the lowest freight package box, after collecting the freight is according to the the latter. ( 3) According to the container the highest utilization rate of collecting freight container is the meaning of the highest utilization rate, when the container cargo measurement ton more than the volumetric loading capacity (container rules go Container content product) When freight, in accordance with the provisions of product collecting container content, that is beyond the part of the freight free. As for collecting the standard rates, if there is only one kind of the contents of the rate level, according to the rates for collecting; If the goods box filled with different grade, when collecting freight usually adopt the following two kinds of practice: one way of doing this is to all the goods according to the grades of the highest rates in the cabinet in the the rates applicable to the goods freight; Another option would be according to the rate of since high rate to low rates, until the goods equals the total measurement ton and the container contents stipulated in the product. Need to point out that if the owner did not according to the requirements of the carrier, the detailed declare the cargo of the situation in the cabinet, the freight is according to the content of the container product collecting, and the rate according to the highest rate of the cargo shall be governed in the cabinet. If only part number did not declare the goods in the cabinet, then, undeclared part freight by box content, the difference between the product and have to declare the goods freight ton collecting. Container the utilization ratio of the highest purpose mainly is to encourage owners to use container shipment, and can make the most of the content of the container. Therefore, in the calculation of a shipping container freight, shipping companies are usually for the various specifications and types of containers provides a according to the content of the container product qi is the highest utilization rate, for example, the maximum utilization for the 20 ft container 31 cubic meters, the highest utilization and 40 ft container is 67 cubic meters. The highest utilization rate of the measurement ton used rather than tons as the calculating unit weight, because each container has its maximum load, being overweight is not allowed in the transportation. Therefore, under normal circumstances, should not be overweight container, let alone to encourage overweight.
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