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Personal items belonging to the international logistics, share some experience about finishing packaging

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-07
Shipping personal items to go abroad, what are some considerations in package sorting items? VIPU international logistics Supply Chain sorting out some personal items of packaging experience, hope logistics on immigration is preparing to help you. 1, about books, magazines, notebooks, DVD such rules for comparing these are the shape and weight is heavy goods, suitable for small carton ( Size is 31 cm * 41 cm * 51 cm) To install. , in addition, these things is relatively heavy, the box is too big with too many words, to move up. Is important to note that the disc put less as far as possible of this kind of goods, the customs is sensitive to CD, tips to take don't take) 。 2, about clothes, quilts, shoes and articles for daily use such as these are items of irregular shape and weight is light, suitable for large carton ( 51 cm size is 61 cm * * 41 cm) To install. Loading advice when go to online search talent packaging that video, is the clothes, roll roll roll) that way very save space, put clothes will be more tidy. Covers with a bag to good again put in carton. Best shoes inside the shoe, lest be squeezed out of shape. Articles for daily use, those odds and ends of gadgets, it is suggested that use a bag or a small box, in order to prevent the scattered everywhere when devanning, remember to use compression bag compression bag if air leakage in the process of shipping, release pressure to the cartons damaged. 3, of furniture packaging big furniture, packaging, can undertake according to whether can be removed after the first layer with a blank sheet of paper, the second floor with shockproof material such as bubble wrap, anti-shock treatment, the outermost layer will be packed in cardboard cut out after, and in each of the items on the outer packing label mark, in order to make convenient customs clearance items list. To furniture items of a class, if you can't packaging independently, Suggestions can be made by the international logistics lp staff packing, after all, they are all professional. 4, about the electrical packaging about electric appliances, don't recommend that in the past, the voltage of some countries and China, China's electrical appliances with the past may not be able to use. For electronics packaging, it is recommended that when back to buy boxes, if still buy those bubble brick is better. Electrical appliances than anything else, to may have may not be able to use. 5, bowls, plates, vases, packaging, such as fragile like these are fragile, domestic did China win abroad, a lot of international logistics customers like to take a lot of China to go abroad, it focus on the protection of the fragile how to pack? Here to share with everyone a tip: when packing fragile, outside wrapped in bubble film and paper, placed in the bottom of the box a few empty plastic bottles and use newspaper gap filling, then packaged good fragile on the above, the last a few plastic bottles are placed before sealing, eventually fill the gap with a newspaper. Plastic bottles are here to have the effect of buffer shock absorption, and plastic bottles lighter texture, not accounting for the weight.
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