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Need to change the transit port and destination port but cannot start? Teach you a few tricks!

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-12
What should you do if you meet the customer's request as shown in the picture above? Do you have the heart to die? Before coming out of the closet, I prepared all kinds of documents carefully, the rhythm of breaking power in one second. Refuse? Do you dare to refuse? Customers are God! Especially our freight forwarding industry is even more difficult! So whether to change or not to change? If you don't change it, the customer will immediately fall into the arms of others if they feel unhappy. Is it possible to change the transit port and the destination port but cannot start! Today, the editor will sort out for you, if we encounter customers who need to change the transit port (destination port), what should we do? Reasons for port change The reasons why customers request port change can usually be summarized as the following 5 points:   1. Trade disputes, the consignee needs to be changed, but the consignee is not in the same port area, and the port needs to be changed;   2. The shipper’s booking error, The port must be changed if it does not meet the requirements of the consignor;   3. The goods are loaded in the wrong container, and the two containers are loaded upside down, and the port must be changed in both directions;   4. How to operate is divided into the following situations:    1. Not entering the port to inform the fleet to modify the packing list to apply to the shipping company to change the transit port/destination port 2. The port has been entered but the port is not cut off to the shipping company as soon as possible, if the same route is different In the port, the approval is relatively easy; if you need to transfer to a different two-way ship, you need to confirm with the destination port and the transit port because the cabinet will be placed in different storage locations according to different destination ports. Once the transit port/destination is changed The port needs the port area to transfer the boxes to other storage locations. If the cut-off time is approaching, it will be very troublesome, so you must inform the shipping company as soon as possible.  3. Shipped but has not arrived at the port   1) The booking agent provides triplicate original 'change of destination port guarantee' and a full set of original bill of lading or original Sea Waybill to the shipping company for application.  2) After receiving the correct and effective port change guarantee and bill of lading, the shipping company will submit an application for port change to the headquarters and the relevant transit port/destination port to confirm the operability of the port change and inquire about the related costs.  If the port can be changed, the shipping company will reply to the booking agent and quote. If there is a fee that needs to be paid in a place other than the port of departure, the quotation will also be sent to the agent in the relevant area to contact the payer for payment.  3) After the booking agent or foreign payer confirms the payment, the shipping company will make changes to the manifest and issue a new bill of lading as required on the letter of guarantee. If the customer finally cancels the port change, a written confirmation is required, and then the booking agent will retrieve the original bill of lading from the shipping company.  4) Just as only part of the containers under the bill of lading number need to be changed, you need to contact the documentation department in advance to apply for the split of the bill of lading. After the bill of lading split is completed (new bill of lading number is generated), follow the above procedures 1-3. How to write a change of port guarantee 1. If the bill of lading is abroad, it can be delivered to the local office of the shipping company, and the location of the bill of lading should be indicated in the corresponding position of the letter of guarantee. 2. If you need to change the consignee/notifier, please indicate the new receipt on the letter of guarantee The details of the shipper/notifier, including company name, address, zip code, city, country and contact information 3. Payment methods for all fees, if there is a third place to pay, the specific contact information of the payer must be provided 4. If required The new bill of lading is issued at the port of destination or a third place, and an additional letter of guarantee for signing in another place must be provided, depending on the feasibility of the specific operation to determine whether to accept or not what costs may incur (including but not limited to) the following costs. The official written quotation to the booking agent/customer shall prevail:    1. Manifest modification fee: charged by ticket.   2. Port change fee: charged by ticket or by counter.  3. Turnover fee/transit fee: According to the actual loading of the container on the ship, the headquarters will confirm and quote.  4. New freight: According to the actual situation, the headquarters will confirm and quote. If the new freight is higher than the old freight, it will be charged according to the actual; if the new freight is lower than the old freight, the difference will not be refunded. Order modification fee: RMB400-500.  6. u200bu200bOther costs: such as the US manifest change fee, customs fines, etc., for the fast-arriving box, it depends on whether there are any fees at the destination port, such as the cost of improving the warehouse receipt.  Editor's summary: There are many reasons why customers request emergency port changes, but it is the same principle that goes around. Whoever pays is the one who pays the bill. Only when the responsibility is clear, things will be easier to handle. Discuss the situation, see where the goods go, and then make the next processing plan. VIPU Supply Chain international logistics company provides professional door-to-door double customs clearance international logistics services for people going abroad or returning home all the year round. If you want to move furniture across countries by sea, please look for VIPU Supply Chain international logistics! If you are in need in this regard, please feel free to call our toll-free hotline.
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