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How international logistics packaging handling piano

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-10
The piano. The piano is one of the learning instruments at present relatively popular in the world, a slightly higher value compared with general instruments, many of the high class family choose began to let children learn at an early age, and most of the international logistics lp service object is such a family. The piano in the timbre or with the affection between people, the older the better, of course, so often have customers in the international logistics choose took piano together to the destination. Piano as valuables, in the heart of the customer of the weight is heavier, a little damage for clients and international logistics lp is always not good. So the piano in the process of international logistics transportation, because itself value is relatively high, so will the freight company to bear the risk is higher than general cargo. How to reduce the risk the transportation of valuables, has been of particular interest to customers and international logistics lp. In addition to the necessary insurance, international logistics lp porter's correct operation also has played a pivotal role. Piano piano according to the structure is divided into three feet and upright piano, upright piano is in commonly 200 to 240 kg weight, horizontal piano is in commonly 290 to 490 kg, structure is relatively complex, logistics packaging both don't separate the piano parts. If due to space limitation and other special reasons, must be limited under the guidance of professionals disassembly. Packaging the piano, first in the piano the outline of the original body with bubble wrap package, with kok paper protect the edges and corners, tape winding, finally into a custom nail wooden cases. VIPU international logistics Supply Chain can be customized for each customer's piano wooden boxes, the complex process of transportation, only a thin layer of cardboard is not very good to protect the piano. Packaging is how to handle after the completion of the work, because the volume of a piano is larger, it usually takes 3 - Four men to move to the truck. A person hold the piano one horn, even make force, in accordance with the piano itself towards translation to the truck before, carried on a truck in front of the two forces to piano get in the car, immediately behind the two conveniently push up body, keep the piano body balance, both before and after the same high then pushed into the truck. Any one don't too hard and cause the piano body tilt out of balance, team members how to cooperation is very important. Transport the piano also banned rainy day. Handling fee and handling company is a professional piano have certain relations, in order to protect their own property, to choose the professional moving company.
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