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VIPU international logistics Supply Chain of packaging services and packaging requirements

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-11
Everyone knows because goods transportation way in the international logistics is relatively remote, turbulence is unusual, often in all kinds of damage phenomenon happen in the goods and packaging team's work is particularly important. Small make up often receive telephone counseling, customers have been asking our VIPU international logistics Supply Chain door-to-door service packaging details and process. Below small make up in cooperation of the clients, for example, starting from the order confirmation after the door packaging service process. When the business consultant and after you confirm the order, VIPU international Supply Chain logistics lp will and you sign the international contract of carriage, and according to your travel arrangements for you to choose appropriate shipping date and booking space. Booking we will be with you after the completion of the appointed time the door packaging services, skilled professional packaging team and international logistics field supervisor will bring VIPU international logistics Supply Chain is special packing materials and tools, articles provide professional packaging service for you. VIPU Supply Chain international packaging service commitment as follows: (1) all door-to-door service staff will wear shoe covers the door operation, and bring their own drinking water; (2) equipped with special bins; (3) shoes with shoe/shoe bag packaging rear can into the box; (4) clothes will load the flat chest box, each box will be placed moistureproof agent; (5) tableware or fragile items will be packed in paper first, then add shockproof packaging, packing should be neat, if there is any shaking will use a sponge and shock resistance etc content fill rear can sealing, after sealing the fragile sticker; 6 books with VIPU Supply Chain international special books box packing, and suggested each weight is not more than 30 kg; All landowners for big-ticket items, major appliances and furniture, VIPU Supply Chain international logistics lp scratch-resistant flowers measures when packaged, coupled with corner protector and use bubble film and cotton white paper layers of parcels, packaging materials are not less than 5 layer; Today to need to remove items, VIPU international Supply Chain logistics packaging team will removed parts marked number processing, in order to facilitate foreign teacher when receiving assembly; Pet-name ruby for you require free fumigation wooden box packaging goods, VIPU international logistics Supply Chain will be in the packaging when scratch-resistant flowers and shockproof measures, back to our warehouse in wooden case goods specially tailored for you. Attending VIPU international logistics Supply Chain will arrange personnel at the scene to arrange packing list, packing and checked items are numbered for the customer and post marks, convenient process management standardization to the next. In all the door after work, packaging VIPU Supply Chain master international logistics packaging will be the scene all the garbage away due to packaging, the site supervisor will you please fill out service satisfaction survey, listen to your advice and opinion, in order to better provide more high quality service for all customers. In the second working days will be electronic in your shipping list, and provide all the follow-up service. Below put some recent VIPU international logistics Supply Chain in the picture of the packaging field: 【 Big pack 】 【 Big pack 】 【 Pack 】 table 【 Pack 】 table
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