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The matters needing attention to New Zealand private goods shipping logistics

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-07
With the improvement of people's living standard, more and more people choose immigration to New Zealand. Relative to other New Zealand immigration country, because of its advantageous geographical conditions, the shipping is much higher entry conditions. Many people go to New Zealand for logistics condition is not very understanding. Small make up today to summarize some, shipping to New Zealand private goods logistics matters needing attention, hope everyone can use. Purpose of customers confirmation ground to port door: make sure goods shipped to the destination port, door to door: sure goods shipped to the destination of the detailed English address inquiries: confirm offer the door to the port of destination: by sea freight is floating in different periods, so need to contact us before the items shipped to determine the final cost. Door to door: for expenses involved in overseas, need you to call or EMAIL us on both sides of the door address detail in advance in order to query. Packing: according to different items, provide you with different packing: 1, electric appliance, piano, furniture, ceramics, handicraft overweight or precious, fragile goods packed in wooden cases, and good filling material, in case of extrusion is damaged. 2, daily necessities, books and other lighter goods packed in cartons of 3, if there is a large extend, packaging, when booking must provide accurate single packing length, width and height of the size and weight, when packing VIPU Supply Chain international to do the following work: ( 1) Making English marks: the 'box' number and full name, telephone number and the port of destination to print as a symbol marks on a piece of blank paper, stick in the packing surface, best stick more than three sides, in order to distinguish and other goods. ( 2) According to the sequence number will box containing all the items listed detailed list printed, not by hand, must have item name and number, To list the title) :( 3) Record the length, width and height of each box, for volume calculation, pay as the basis, the last dozen feet warehouse certificate shall prevail. ( International private goods shipping personal items checked international logistics and domestic logistics) Customs clearance: A, if you are overseas immigrants: please take passport, visa, buy new invoice, detailed list items, volume and estimate the weight of the list. B, if you are Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao residents: please bring Taiwan compatriots certificate ( Or residence permit) , certificate of study or work, new goods, invoice, item list, and estimate the weight of the volume list C, if you are a foreigner: please take passport, visa, buy new invoice, work permit, residence permit, detailed list ( Signature required) Weight, volume and estimate listing D, travel to purchase goods ( Only for foreigners) : passport, visa, customs a power of attorney, detailed list of goods ( Signature required) , invoice, and exchange memo. Note: the above documents in customs clearance, must provide the original customs requirements. The port of destination delivery after the ship to the port of destination, the local agency will inform you, you can also agent information shown on the bill of lading, the ship date is to port query to the port information to the company, to handle the customs clearance, pay fee to the agency, pick up the goods. If the consignee within 3 working days did not pick up the goods, will produce a warehousing costs, is responsible for by the consignee. The port of destination customs clearance passport must be consistent with the place of customs declaration passport, and carry cargo list in English.
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