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Personal belongings in the process of international transport, goods loss or damage should be how to deal with

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-07
At present, the immigration logistics are common. Some countries have exemption to carry personal items on new immigrants immigration policy, so many people choose to domestic furniture luggage and personal belongings shipped to abroad. But due to the shipping time is long, the distance, so the goods in transportation on the way, even if the outer packing in the safe and reliable, also hard to avoid can appear damaged or lost, so if in the process of shipping logistics, items damaged or lost, what should we do? International logistics refers to the international transportation, personal items belonging to a kind of logistics activity, so including some logistics links, such as transportation, loading and unloading, handling, packaging, etc. In the process of international logistics, besides some carry valuables, and some articles for daily use, such as big furniture, electrical appliances, by logistics lp to handle. After the destination, when we receive inventory items, check the list carefully, and view the items is a little bit damaged or missing, once found the problem remember photo archive, to negotiate with the logistics lp. Items happen damage loss, can claim according to the actual situation. For can repair items, such as electrical appliances, international logistics lp will repair and bear all the costs; For those who are completely damaged items that do not repair, such as breaking a handicraft, responsibility and the economic loss is borne by the international logistics lp, and should be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the contract to customer the corresponding compensation, until customer satisfaction. If customers are not satisfied with the compensation of logistics lp, could be resolved by mutual agreement, in general can claim to his expectations. If really cannot be settled through negotiation, so only through litigation, by a court to deal with. Here, small make up recommend to immigrants logistics to foreign friends, first of all, if you have any valuables in the handling of goods, can carry yourself away, not must beforehand and international logistics lp, buy insurance, this really late to appear problem, also be able to get reasonable compensation price; Moreover when choosing logistics lp, must polish eyes choose a best credit company, yunlong mixed on the market after all; Finally, the most important is, must undertake contracts, thus has the legal guarantee, even if finally there is a problem, can also claim for compensation in accordance with the law.
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