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British customs entry requirements, the British customs banned items

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-13
Studying in international logistics, baggage and personal items to the UK port of transport, the customs officers will be on entry items if there were any contraband and whether tax check, whether it can meet the requirements of the immigration customs entry is the key to your furniture, goods into the UK. British customs regulations restricted/prohibited items sort is more, VIPU international logistics Supply Chain of experienced consultants in the process of international logistics services will be strictly controlled, to make sure that you won't because for policy to don't understand or omissions of any losses. In spite of this, understand the customs entry requirements, the British customs banned items or very be necessary. UNITED KINGDOMCUSTOMS REGULATIONS AND INFORMATION FOR IMPORTS British Customs import REGULATIONS AND INFORMATION HOUSEHOLD GOODS AND PERSONAL EFFECTS HOUSEHOLD GOODS AND PERSONAL belongings in the Documents of the Required Documents when Legible copy of Passport when the Detailed inventory in English, dated AND signed by the shipper when the Original UK Customs Form C3 when the copy of the Bill of Lading ( 提单) /运单( 运单号) ●shipperSpecific信息的完整的联系信息详细信息●文件必须由代理到来之前收到装运。 ●代理可能收费不完整或延迟收到文档。 Files Required for the MOTOR VEHICLES MOTOR vehicle Documents Required low Form C104A low BL/AWB low Declaration Form C384 ( 如果少于6个月) ●登记文件所有权证明( 复印件) ●保险单文档( 从原产地证明副本使用) 具体信息详细信息●免税入境,如果车辆将不会出售或以其他方式处置进口之日起1年后。 Files Required for the PETS PETS Documents Required low Form C5Specific Information details where Animals must comply with the PETS scheme. ●宠物必须由动物卫生部门许可。 ●宠物被隔离在进入这个国家。 限制/完税物品限制/附税物品●枪支、爆炸物和弹药●仿制枪支●进攻性武器●●住动物濒危动物或植物( 需要一个有效的引用许可) ●毛皮和文章由皮毛肌肤●无线电发射机动物食品●●●粗糙钻石水果、蔬菜、和植物产品●香烟( 200). 和小雪茄( 100). 雪茄( 50) 烟草( 250克) ●精神/利口酒( 超过22%, 1 liter) ●强化酒或酒精不到22% ( 2升) /静止葡萄酒( 4升) ●啤酒( 16 L) PROHIBITED ITEMS banned ITEMS where Illicit drugs low Knives low Self - 国防喷雾●眩晕枪●下流和淫秽材料●假冒、盗版和专利 侵犯goodsCONSIGNMENT指令托运指南建议:联系代理,以确保所有的需求已达到进口之前,特别是关于空运/海运发货差异。 海王星搬家公司注意:海关法规可以在任何时候改变或不另行通知。 本文档仅作为指导和提供信息。 虽然海王星搬家公司行使合理的护理在本文档发布,海王星搬家公司毫无表示,表达或暗示,其准确性和适用性。 有用的网站( s) :●http://ukinusa. 外交部。 gov. 英国/ en●http://travel。 状态。 gov/travel/cis_pa_tw/cis/cis_1078. html●http://www。 hmrc。 gov. 英国/海关/禁止- 限制。 htm●http://www。 hmce。 gov. 英国
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