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The three pillars of Hangzhou Comprehensive Bonded

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-03

One year ago, Hangzhou Comprehensive Bonded Zone was officially approved. In this year, the Hangzhou Comprehensive Bonded Zone has implemented two-step declaration, two-stage access, two-wheel drive to zone-port linkage, from cross-border e-commerce to the promotion of the State Council’s support for the development of the comprehensive bonded zone 21 measures, and the implementation of general taxpayer policies. To the entry of food processing companies, from smart bayonet transformation to optimizing the business environment, from epidemic prevention and control to helping companies resume work and production.

Nowadays, processing trade, bonded logistics, and cross-border e-commerce in the Hangzhou Comprehensive Bonded Zone have basically formed a three-pronged situation, which has laid the foundation for a new round of leapfrog development.

In promoting the implementation of the 21 new policies to support the development of special customs supervision areas issued by the State Council, the Hangzhou Comprehensive Bonded Zone has successfully implemented “release enterprise production capacity”, “promote R&D and innovation”, “simplify entry and exit management”, “facilitate the flow of goods”, and carry out maintenance based on the actual conditions of the jurisdiction. 'Innovative regulatory model', 'promoting the development of cross-border e-commerce', 'strengthening the status of corporate market players,' and 'general value-added taxpayer qualifications' and other 9 new policies, successfully introduced 7 companies, and the number hit a record high over the same period. Over the past year, the Hangzhou Comprehensive Bonded Zone has supervised 26.73 billion yuan of import and export value, a year-on-year increase of 14.64%.

Take Zhongrilong, an enterprise in the region, as an example. After the implementation of 'One-Satisfaction', it is expected to increase the domestic sales revenue of the enterprise by 20% in one year, which is about 100 million yuan, which will drive an increase of about 50 million yuan in domestic purchases and an increase in local taxes by about More than 1 million yuan can reduce the company's cost by nearly 6 million yuan a year. Hangzhou Comprehensive Bonded Zone will enter the 'one payment era'.

In addition, Hangzhou Customs Qianjiang Customs actively contributes to the development of emerging industries of Hangzhou's life and health strategy, and helps Hangzhou to obtain qualifications for the trial implementation of quarantine reform of imported biological materials. Hangzhou has also become the fifth place to implement this measure after Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei-Shanghai.

'Difficulty in returning goods' has always been a problem that plagued imported cross-border e-commerce companies. Hangzhou Customs Qianjiang Customs actively breaks through the blocking nodes in policies and procedures, and sets up special warehouses for returns in the bonded area in the comprehensive bonded area to solve the problem for enterprises and consumers. In March of this year, Hangzhou Customs Qianjiang Customs' “Cross-border E-commerce Retail Imported Parcel Return New Model” was successfully selected as one of the 20 “Best Practice Cases” in the State Council’s Deepening Service Trade Innovation and Development Pilot Program and promoted nationwide. As of the end of June, Hangzhou Customs Qianjiang Customs inspected and released a total of 273,000 return tickets with a value of 54.61 million yuan. 11 companies enjoyed the dividends brought by the new model, which improved the sense of enterprise acquisition and the satisfaction of the public. (Correspondent Shou Haizan and reporter Zhu Guanghan)
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