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List of Dangerous Goods

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-04
1 Subject content and scope of application
This standard specifies the name and serial number of dangerous goods.
This standard applies to the transportation, production, storage and sale of dangerous goods.

2 Reference standards
GB 6944 Dangerous goods classification and article number
GB 7694 Dangerous Goods Naming Principles

3 Term
Refers to adding water, alcohol or other solvents to articles to reduce the concentration of the solution or the viscosity of the coating.
Refers to the treatment of the surface of the article, coated with a layer of oil, wax or other materials, which can prevent the chemical reaction of the article with water or other substances

4 Category 1 Explosives

4.1 Item 1 Substances and articles with overall explosion hazard
4.2 Item 2 Substances and articles with a projectile hazard but no mass explosion hazard
4.3 Item 3 Substances and articles that have a combustion hazard and a minor explosion or a minor ejection hazard, or a combination of both, but no overall explosion hazard
4.4 Item 4 Explosive substances and articles without major danger
4.5 Item 5 Very insensitive explosive substances

5 Category 2 compressed gas and liquefied gas

5.1 Item 1 Flammable gas
5.2 Item 2 Non-combustible gas
5.3 Item 3 Toxic gas

6 Class 3 Flammable liquid

6.1 Item 1 Low flash point liquid
6.2 Item 2 Medium flash point liquid
6.3 Item 3 High flash point liquid

7 Class 4 Flammable solids, spontaneously combustible materials and flammable materials when wet

7.1 Item 1 Flammable solids
7.2 Item 2 Spontaneous combustion materials
7.3 Item 3 Flammable materials when wet

8 Category 5 Oxidizing agents and organic peroxides

8.1 Item 1 Oxidizing agent
8.2 Item 2 Organic peroxides

9 Category 6 Poisonous and infectious substances

9.1 Item 1 Poisons
9.2 Item 2 Infectious goods

10 Class 7 radioactive materials

11 Category 8 Corrosive products

11.1 Item 1 Acid corrosive products
11.2 Item 2 Alkaline corrosion products
11.3 Item 3 Other corrosive products

This standard was proposed by the Ministry of Communications of the People's Republic of China.
This standard is under the jurisdiction of the Standards and Metrology Committee of the Ministry of Communications.
This standard was drafted by the Water Transport Research Institute of the Ministry of Communications and the Highway Bureau of the Ministry of Communications.
The main drafters of this standard are Mou Xihua, Han Pingping, Fan Guigen, Tan Shanglin, and Chen Yue.
Participated in the drafting of this standard are Hu Hengxu, Transportation Bureau of the Ministry of Railways, Xu Yuxin, Transportation Department of the Civil Aviation Administration, Li Jiansheng, Maritime Transportation Bureau of the Ministry of Communications, Wang Jiaxiang, Inland Water Transport Bureau of the Ministry of Communications, Zhou Youcai, Highway Bureau of the Ministry of Communications, Fu Chongguang, Institute of Standards and Metrology, North Jiaotong University Wu Yujian and Luo Shanmei.
This standard refers to the 'Dangerous Goods Transportation Recommendations' recommended by the United Nations Committee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods
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