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You must understand these commodity inspection

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-03
Prepare the required information for inspection, generally:

  Inspection declaration form (original, the official seal of the exporting enterprise shall be affixed to the export enterprise’s own inspection application, and the agency’s seal of the inspection application enterprise shall be affixed if the entrusted agent enterprise shall apply for inspection)

The content of the inspection declaration form must be consistent; indicate the accompanying documents. If you declare an export at a local port, you can choose to apply for the 'Customs Clearance Form'. If you declare an export at a remote port, you must choose to apply for the 'Renewal Voucher'. Freight forwarders exchange formal customs clearance forms at remote ports);

Factory inspection report (original, with factory inspection seal)

The export packaging certificate (issued by the Commodity Inspection Bureau, a copy is sufficient; if the export packaging is a carton, the carton factory must apply to the Commodity Inspection Bureau for the 'Outbound Cargo Transport Packaging Performance Inspection Result Form'. A certain fee needs to be paid, about 2-3 working days, and the original should be submitted to the Commodity Inspection Bureau for corresponding verification based on the number of cartons used in this batch of goods);

Export contract (copy or fax)

Export proforma invoice (copy or fax)

Export PACKING LIST packing list (copy or fax)

Submit the complete set of inspection materials to the relevant department responsible for commodity inspection sampling in the Commodity Inspection Bureau, and ask them to arrange commodity inspection.

First inspection

The Commodity Inspection Bureau will generally request to go to the factory for on-site sampling and commodity inspection (you can make some changes after getting familiar with the goods, and you can bring the goods to a nearby location for commodity inspection). The export company must strictly abide by the time agreed with the sampler from the Commodity Inspection Bureau. Arrived (the samples of the Commodity Inspection Bureau can forgive if they are not punctual), and a special car must be arranged.

If someone from the Commodity Inspection Bureau points out that your product does not meet the requirements or regulations of the commodity inspection procedures in some aspects. They should actively cooperate and keep records for rectification.

Order time

The order is usually issued within two working days after the inspection. If you are eager to ship the goods, you should go to the commodity inspection three to five days in advance;

   After the order is sent to the inspection center in the inspection hall, first go to call a number, and the computer number will line up;

  After the order is issued, you will issue invoices, pay fees, review, and issue orders according to the approved commodity inspection fees;

  The production enterprise shall apply for inspection by itself, and the procedure is the same; if the supplying factory is located outside, the factory can apply for inspection by itself and send the renewal voucher to you, but pay attention to the issue of commercial confidentiality.
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