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You don't know, because all the container vessel is so!

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-07
Shipping international logistics we often deal with various shipping companies, and in all kinds of Marine bill of lading will encounter all sorts of interesting name, like the Mediterranean shipping company MSC the PROVIDER of a ship, the MAERSK GEORG MAERSK vessel, often encounter various the name of the ship. Do you know a world-class shipping company is named what rules of container ship? Small make up to science for everyone today, you never know, the original wild company is so named vessel. Maersk & ndash; — Names of department is one of the world's leading container liner operators, maersk container ship under with names and place names. Its characteristic is & other; MAERSK” Words as the prefix, plus a variety of subjects; Second is & other; MAERSK” As the name suffix. The former basically apply to all sorts of convenient flags flying maersk vessel, while the latter for all the ships of the Danish flag. The typical among them has: the names of the men: MAERSK EDWARD MAERSK EDWARD, GEORG MAERSK George MAERSK; Names of cat w: ANNA MAERSK ANNA MAERSK, MAERSK KATE MAERSK, KATE; Day system: MAERSK ALTAIR MAERSK ALTAIR, MAERSK ANTARES MAERSK ANTARES city department: MAERSK KAWASAKI MAERSK KAWASAKI, MAERSK CHENNAI MAERSK CHENNAI; River system: MAERSK CUNENE MAERSK CUNENE, MAERSK GARONNE MAERSK GARONNE. ( The United States) State department: MAERSK IOWA MAERSK IOWA, MAERSK KENTUCKY MAERSK KENTUCKY. Mediterranean shipping & ndash; — Range of ship in addition to the names ( Especially the women's name) Name, range, including signs, city name, state name and professional class, and so on. Its characteristic is the ship company name abbreviations & other; MSC” Words for the prefix. Typical among them has: the names are: MSC ARIANE Mediterranean ARIANE, MSC, ALEXANDRA Mediterranean ALEXANDRA. Sign: MSC ALTAIR Mediterranean ALTAIR, MSC VEGA VEGA Mediterranean; City departments: MSC ANTWERP Mediterranean ANTWERP, MSC BEIJING BEIJING Mediterranean; State department: MSC JAPAN JAPAN, the Mediterranean MSC SCOTLAND Mediterranean against SCOTLAND; Angel: MSC CHALLENGER CHALLENGER in the Mediterranean, MSC PROVIDER Mediterranean supplier; Mountains: MSC FUJI mount FUJI, Mediterranean, MSC HIMALAYA Mediterranean the Himalayas; Island: MSC TRINIDAD Mediterranean TRINIDAD, MSC CORSICA Mediterranean island of CORSICA; River system: MSC MEKONG river MEKONG Mediterranean, MSC the SUEZ canal, SUEZ Mediterranean; Sea: MSC ADRIATIC MEDITERRANEAN ADRIATIC, MSC MEDITERRANEAN MEDITERRANEAN MEDITERRANEAN; Music: MSC FANTASIA Mediterranean FANTASIA, MSC SINFONIA Mediterranean prelude; Advantages: MSC FREEDOM FREEDOM Mediterranean, MSC ENDURANCE ENDURANCE in the Mediterranean. CGM & ndash; — French romantic French strong romantic free color in a wide variety of out in the name of the ship. “ CMA CGM” At the beginning, in addition to combined with common names and place names, and add including animals and plants, minerals, and so on all kinds of literary works. Typical: Marine biology: CMA CGM BLUE WHALE CMA CGM BLUE WHALE, CMA CGM WHITE SHARK malapropism SHARK, City departments: CMA CGM ALASKA as ALASKA, CMA CGM AUCKLAND, AUCKLAND to fly; Constellation is: CMA CGM CASSIOPEIA CGM CASSIOPEIA, CMA CGM CENTAURUS CGM CENTAURUS; ( French names) FORT series: CMA CGM FORT ST PIERRE CGM FORT saint Peter el, CMA CGM FORT STE MARIE CGM FORT saint Mary; Minerals: CMA CGM JADE of JADE, CMA CGM QUARTZ slungshot English; Plant system: CMA CGM LAVENDER CGM LAVENDER, CMA CGM ROSE up to fly roses; Musician: CMA CGM CHOPIN CGM CHOPIN, CMA CGM MOZART CGM MOZART. Astronomers department: CMA CGM HUGO CGM HUGO, CMA CGM MOLIERE CGM MOLIERE; Drama: CMA CGM DON CARLOS CGM tang & bull; Carlos, CMA CGM LA TRAVIATA CGM LA TRAVIATA. Famous department: CMA CGM ALEXANDER VON HUMBOLDT ALEXANDER the CGM & bull. Feng & bull; hong
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