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Would you like to domestic furniture to Canada? Need to consider what aspects?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-07
For many friends moved to Canada, to want to check with furniture in China in the past has been the swing, don't know what to do to achieve the most cost-effective and reasonable. Whether online consulting or ask himself, is divided, without a fixed answer. Logistics from China to Canada, then, what is good and in the local furniture to carry the past to purchase? For on immigration Canada is carrying furniture or to purchase? In fact, we have discussed a lot, the conclusion is also vary from person to person. If say we take good furniture in the past, would say commonly, mostly informal international logistics lp, they in order to increase the volume of the items checked, it is strongly recommended that you transport furniture in the past, this is extremely irresponsible act; What others say, with furniture, it is good to take money the past directly, the other words, of course, is also right, if you have money and intend to buy furniture, buy furniture in Canada and some other articles for daily use is not very difficult. But small make up want to say, if you want to save a little that is about to carefully consider the cost of shopping abroad. Have just arrived in Canada, many people on the living environment and living facilities are not very familiar with, and even can be said to be very strange, need to know is that purchasing this is very troublesome thing, walk alone is unlikely to complete, especially if you live in belong to the suburbs, sparsely populated, by this time, you need a car, if you have a car that is more convenient, if you don't have a car, the trip may need to rent a car, this would increase the cost. Besides, purchasing items cost is also very big, big and small, all cost together and really worthwhile uneconomic, really bad, only your particular case is particular analysis, after all, some people in Canadian resource is convenient, cost is relatively much smaller. So to carry the furniture to Canada, you should consider the following aspects: 1, the value of furniture are very valuable, such as Chinese annatto furniture or solid wood furniture; 2, furniture has special significance, and use for many years, some feelings, don't give up; 3, furniture suitable for overseas new home decorate a style; 4, to the new living environment is not very familiar with, procurement will be troublesome, cost is very high. More than 4 kinds of circumstances are based are you willing to carry furniture, if you don't want to take, even if meet above 4 kinds of circumstances, small make up also don't recommend that you check in furniture to Canada. Speaking of which, some conative friends want to ask, how can I put the domestic furniture shipped to Canada? Is not very expensive? In fact you don't have to worry about this problem, according to the Canadian customs policy, new immigrants or citizens living abroad, can be in settlements have and use more than six months and self-used articles and personal property, the tax exemption into ( Back to) Canada, but after the baggage need to log in for the first time, at the airport customs declaration to the luggage after listing ( B4E) , if there are any new items and then declare to the customs, so need to pay the duties in accordance with the customs policy and Canada consumption tax, usually furniture tariffs for 8%, the consumption tax of 13%. So, as long as you are using more than 6 months of furniture, and the identity is new immigrants, then can be exempt furniture can be shipped to Canada. As for how to transport the past, find a of the international logistics lp, all problems can be solved! International logistics lp will provide professional transportation solutions for your furniture, from the door packaging to Canada customs clearance delivery, put in place, there will be specialist services, is more efficient to save trouble. Although the new immigrants have an exemption to use more than one year old to Canada, but not all items can be brought into, under the small make up remind, the friends of immigration to Canada must clear Canada customs regulation what to bring, what things can't carry, lest cause unnecessary trouble. First of all, belong to North America, Canada, inspection and quarantine law is quite strict, Canada customs, inspection and quarantine department has the right of a very large, such as food, Meat) And wine ( Alcohol, fuel) And medicine, Not a cold medicine, drugs and other medicines) Such items are prohibited entry; Second, due to the Canadian economy is dependent on the export of forest products, therefore, the government of Canada is very important for the prevention of plant diseases and insect pests. Strict rules all wood products, Wood packaging can't bark) To enter the country, they must through fumigation processing. Finally, the Canadian national voltage is 110 v, and the present domestic the most common use is 220 v, that is to say the domestic electrical appliance is unable to use in Canada. If you want to carry electrical appliances in the past, choose advice when buying a voltage adapter range wide, such as 110 v - currently on the market Adaptive voltage between 230 v, the Canadian can be normal use.
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