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WMS Buyer's Guide 2020 - Inbound Logistics

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-01-30
Warehousing, Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Technology Warehouse Management System (WMS) solutions have become top of mind for supply chain professionals, particularly in light of changing customer buying patterns. Here are some leading solutions that can help your enterprise react agilely and quickly to today's new fulfillment demands.3PL CentralEl Segundo, CA | | 888-375-2368PRODUCT: 3PL Warehouse ManagerDESCRIPTION: Manages inventory, automates routine tasks, and delivers complete visibility to 3PLs and their customers with best practices.ASC SoftwareBeavercreek, OH | | 937-429-1428PRODUCT: ASCTrac WMSDESCRIPTION: Advanced features and configurations solve complex distribution and manufacturing requirements. Off the shelf and ready to deploy. Enables informed decisions based on real-time information at the point of activity.Blue YonderSCOTTSDALE, AZ | blueyonder.COM | 480-308-3000PRODUCT:Luminate Logistics-Warehouse ManagementDESCRIPTION:A comprehensive, highly scalable, real-time SaaS-based warehouse and distribution center management solution that skillfully handles real-world disruptions to drive improved performance and competitive edge. Helps manufacturers, retailers, distributors and third-party logistics providers thrive in an ever-changing and hyper-connected omni-channel world, empowering them to deliver consistently high service, productivity, and efficiency levels. Cadre TechnologiesDenver, CO | | 866-252-2373PRODUCT: Cadence WMSDESCRIPTION: Real-time WMS organizes inventory, orders, shipments, and workflow for distributors, 3PLs, and manufacturers. Can manage businesses with multiple clients, distributors, suppliers, and warehouses.Camelot 3PL SoftwareCharlotte, NC | | 704-554-1670PRODUCT: Excalibur WMSDESCRIPTION: Cloud SaaS solution built within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform to serve 3PL warehousing. Simplifies operations for a wide range of e-commerce fulfillment, dry goods, cold storage, and traditional 3PL warehousing businesses.Core eBusiness SolutionsFairfield, NJ | | 201-836-8900PRODUCT: CoreWarehouseDESCRIPTION: Takes advantage of robust feature sets, advanced warehouse planning tools, and warehouse event management/active messaging to reduce inventory and costs. Highly configurable and easy to use in a variety of industries. Links to all desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone devices.DatexClearwater, FL | | 727-400-3641PRODUCT: Datex FootPrint WMSDESCRIPTION: Readily configurable without changes to source code. Ideal for complex operations and regulated goods such as 3PLs, distribution, e-commerce fulfillment, pharmaceuticals, and food/beverage. Extensive, customizable reporting capabilities and standard reports included. EDI/integration ready.DeposcoAlpharetta, GA | | 877-770-1110PRODUCT: Bright WarehouseDESCRIPTION: Provides complete end-to-end control, monitoring, and company-wide inventory visibility to help companies prepare for on-demand sourcing and fulfillment strategies that meet the extremes brought on by peak seasons, promotions, and new product launches.DiCentralHouston, TX | | 281-480-1121PRODUCT: SmartTurnDESCRIPTION: On-demand, Microsoft-certified WMS manages purchasing, receiving and putaway, inventory control, order fulfillment, and shipping across a range of industries.Ehrhardt Partner GroupCharlotte, NC | | 704-927-1483PRODUCT: LFS.wmsDESCRIPTION: Highly configurable and scalable logistics solution that delivers Tier 2 functionality including warehouse management, warehouse control and automation, resource management, transportation management, and advanced business intelligence analytics.EVSBoulder, CO | | 303-494-1765PRODUCT: mobe3DESCRIPTION: Simplifies the movement of inventory through the warehouse with functions designed to automate picking, packing, shipping, receiving, putaway, and cycle counts. Provides real-time inventory visibility.FASCORCincinnati, OH | | 513-421-1777PRODUCT: FASCOR WMSDESCRIPTION: A fully integrated WMS that enables users to accelerate productivity, access information in real time, gain control of all warehousing functions, eliminate manual and paper-based processes, reduce errors and improve accuracy, and optimize assets and labor.Foxfire SoftwareGreenville, SC | | 864-630-3238PRODUCT: Foxfire WMSDESCRIPTION: A mid-tier, customizable WMS available only as a subscription service, with no big upfront fees. The system is flexible, intuitive, and compliant.FoysonisRaleigh, NC | | 800-380-5206PRODUCT: Foysonis WMSDESCRIPTION: Key features include receiving, orders and shipments, picking and replenishment, inventory, reports, item management, area and location management, and scalability. Easy to set up and run a warehouse in a few hours.Generix GroupMontreal, QC | | 855-938-4562PRODUCT: Generix Group WMSDESCRIPTION: Flexible and agile WMS meets the needs of a wide range of regulatory and other demanding industry requirements. Highly configurable in terms of information layout, mobile workflow processes, reporting, and optimization rules. Integrates fully with ERP and other internal systems.GEODISBrentwood, TN | | 615-750-0943PRODUCT: GEODIS WMSDESCRIPTION: FDA-validated, 3PL-designed, robust Tier 1 system supports many industry verticals. Fully hosted, developed, and supported by GEODIS. Developed to scale with a company's growth in both volume and business requirements.Highway 905Hillsborough, NJ | | 908-874-4867PRODUCT: Highway 905 WMSDESCRIPTION: Cloud-based and easily scalable WMS solution for businesses of any size, with a real-time warehouse control tower, customizable features to suit any business model, advanced technology, and an analytics-based smarter order fulfillment framework.Honeywell IntelligratedMason, OH | | 866-936-7300PRODUCT: MomentumDESCRIPTION: Designed to address e-commerce fulfillment challenges by orchestrating nearly every aspect of automated warehouse execution—from multiple systems and order fulfillment processes to labor management, workload balancing, and real-time decision-making capabilities.InforNew York, NY | | 646-336-1700PRODUCT: Infor WMSDESCRIPTION: Lets businesses manage distribution center activities holistically. Combines warehouse fulfillment with embedded labor management and 3D visual analysis to reduce complexity and support enhanced operational execution.Interlink TechnologiesPerrysburg, OH | | 419-893-9011PRODUCT: Warehouse-LINKDESCRIPTION: Web-based access with real-time visibility into inventory for improved order, space, labor, and warehouse management. Functionality includes location management, cubic capacity, date expiration management, receiving, cycle counting, dynamic putaway, cross-dock, replenishment, and kitting.Invata IntralogisticsConshohocken, PA | | 610-397-1050PRODUCT: AutomateDESCRIPTION: Empowers retailers with the artificial intelligence needed to meet customer commitments, while ensuring a profitable approach to handling and shipping so they can stay competitive and grow market share.Koerber (formerly HighJump)Hamburg, Germany | | 800-328-3271PRODUCT: K.MotionDESCRIPTION: Solutions for small warehouses support best-of-breed functionality out of the box, enabling visibility into inventory, people, and processes. Solutions for complex warehouses are customizable and easily integrate with material handling equipment from various vendors to support automation.LOG-NETTinton Falls, NJ | | 732-758-6800PRODUCT: LOG-NETDESCRIPTION: Seamlessly integrates warehousing with documentation, finance, order management, and transportation. Most modules are stand-alone and can be mixed and matched to support an individual user's needs.LogimaxRosemont, IL | | 855-253-8855PRODUCT: Logimax WMSDESCRIPTION: Through a menu-driven system, enables companies to increase productivity and efficiency, and ultimately improve strategic value. Modules cover visibility and e-commerce, directed RF task automation, assemble-to-order, yard management, logistics, and terminal cross-docking.made4netHackensack, NJ | | 201-645-4345PRODUCT: WarehouseExpert WMSDESCRIPTION: Provides a platform for optimizing and synchronizing fulfillment processes, with functions including receiving, putaway, picking, packing, loading, and shipping. Advanced features include appointment scheduling and yard management, real-time replenishment, and task and labor management.MagayaMiami, FL | | 786-845-9150PRODUCT: Magaya Supply ChainDESCRIPTION: All-in-one WMS provides warehouse operators with visibility and control over logistics operations. Creates seamless workflows between warehousing, shipping, accounting, tracking, customer service, and more.Manhattan AssociatesAtlanta, GA | | 877-596-9208PRODUCT: Manhattan Active Warehouse ManagementDESCRIPTION: This new application architecture provides an almost limitless ability to automatically scale up to meet fluctuations in demand. The software is also designed to be easily extended at the data, service, and UI levels to meet the unique needs of each business.MHSLouisville, KY | | 502-636-0690PRODUCT: Helix WMSDESCRIPTION: Template-based modules for equipment control, inventory management, and order fulfillment functions that are designed to work together in customized configurations according to each facility's unique requirements.Odyssey LogisticsDanbury, CT | | 203-448-3868PRODUCT: OdysseyDESCRIPTION: Odyssey has two warehouse subsidiaries: Grand Worldwide Logistics Corp. and ADS Logistics. Fully automated inventory control systems utilize barcodes, EDI, RFID, stock rotation, and random-access location inventory management. Facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art technology.OracleRedwood Shores, CA | | 800-633-0738PRODUCT: Oracle WMS CloudDESCRIPTION: Helps companies optimize supply chain operations by supporting omnichannel fulfillment and visibility across the supply chain network. Can be quickly deployed and is scalable to fit an individual company's needs.PathGuide TechnologiesBothell, WA | | 888-627-9797PRODUCT: Latitude WMSDESCRIPTION: Offers real-time control over inventory status, embedded support for RF and voice, plus the ability to drive warehouse material handling equipment including carousels, conveyor systems, and pick/put to light. Extended capabilities to run yard operations and route delivery management.ProVision WMSToronto, ON | | 877-977-6987PRODUCT: ProVision WMSDESCRIPTION: Connects information and resource management to help customer service and operational decision-makers coordinate order fulfillment, warehouse management, and labor.Ramco SystemsChicago, IL | | 734-834-6467PRODUCT: Ramco WMSDESCRIPTION: Cloud-based system for logistics service providers. A comprehensive solution to operate, coordinate, and execute fulfillment operations. With artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, enhances throughput with optimized storage, pick, pack, and order processing.Robocom SystemsFarmingdale, NY | | 631-753-2180PRODUCT: Robocom WMSDESCRIPTION: Enhances warehouse profitability and inventory management by decreasing inventory, improving order fulfillment, reducing order cycle time, and improving productivity. User-friendly, menu-driven applications satisfy the requirements of industry-specific warehouse operations.SofteonReston, VA | | 703-793-0005PRODUCT: Softeon WMSDESCRIPTION: Optimizes distribution through innovative, differentiated capabilities that comprehensively handle the basics—receiving, putaway, inventory management, order picking, loading, and shipping—while also providing unique functionality to give companies a competitive edge.SphereWMSDenver, CO | | 818-678-2601PRODUCT: SphereWMSDESCRIPTION: Provides real-time visibility and reporting tools for all supply chain stakeholders. Simplifies the management of complex order and inventory business processes, making it easy for logistics operators to manage multiclient and multisite warehouses. Up and running in days, not months.Synergy North AmericaBroomfield, CO | | 720-372-1250PRODUCT: SnapFulfilDESCRIPTION: Tier 1 RF-directed WMS capable of deploying in just 45 days. Offers a range of deployment methods and payment options.TecsysMontreal, QC | | 800-922-8649PRODUCT: Tecsys WMSDESCRIPTION: Applies decades of warehousing best practices and hundreds of implementations in a variety of industries, which translates to significant improvements in key warehouse metrics that can be realized quickly.TransGroup Global LogisticsSeattle, WA | | 206-244-0330PRODUCT: TransWarehouseDESCRIPTION: Enables users to easily manage inventory, place orders, initiate shipments, and receive up-to-date purchase order and shipment status information via the web.Westfalia TechnologiesYork, PA | | 717-764-1115PRODUCT: Savanna.NETDESCRIPTION: Comprises tightly integrated WMS and warehouse control system software that conforms to business processes. With its flexible modular structure supporting both conventional and automated warehouses, the system is configured to meet each company's business processes.ZethconLombard, IL | | 847-318-0800PRODUCT: Synapse WMSDESCRIPTION: Enables 3PLs and distribution centers to manage all warehouse operations from receiving to inventory to deliveries. Includes radio frequency, billing, task and labor management, KPIs, reporting, and integrations.
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