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Why the international logistics of new furniture for the packaging

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-10
Immigrated to overseas, because foreign furniture is monotonous and expensive problems, cause a lot of immigrants friends will in domestic new custom-made furniture shipped abroad. The United States, Canada, Australia, new is four big immigration country, according to the customs policy of the four countries: personal items only in the domestic use of more than one year can enjoy tax exemption policy, therefore, in the process of international logistics, in order to effectively avoid tariffs, we usually do the packing with new furniture. VIPU international logistics Supply Chain based on past many years of experience in international logistics, the export of furniture packaging reasons to do the following analysis, for your reference: one for more shipments, at present a lot of furniture manufacturers, furniture basically don't have much time to hoard in warehouse, therefore, most of the furniture packaging are added at the time of the factory, this kind of packing in a short time to protect the security of the goods is no problem, but after a long time can't guarantee. This kind of packing can't adapt to the international logistics land & ndash; Maritime transport safety requirements. From a security point of view, the new furniture factory is dedicated to be used by our packing staff packing material to do the second packing, effective packaging safety in the process of goods by sea. To furniture packing will generally use cotton paper, pearl cotton, or bubble wrap and 5 layer thickening cardboard reinforcement on items, especially for the valuables are moisture, shock, edge horn knock against treatment. Second, from the view point of tariff concessions, we all experienced old customers do not dismantle the outer packing of furniture of new old processing. This processing method, one is the replacement of furniture packaging, furniture manufacturers with a LOGO of the packaging, change into international logistics lp no furniture manufacturer of packaging; Secondly, set up small combination furniture packaging, small portfolio furniture installed after though accounts for a certain volume, but not by destination customs suspect is new purchase of furniture, do a good job in the above two steps, combined with the identity of the customer to do private goods customs clearance there is a big chance to direct tax, even if not tariff reduction can save a lot. In addition, we suggest that furniture items customers purpose, they could take pictures before packing one thousand customs need to check, can take photos as evidence, also can effectively avoid the probability of tariffs. Items at the same time, we will in the container when will be the location of the new and used furniture to sit reasonable allocate, effectively reduce the probability of tariff.
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