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Why do you want to open the central trains _VIPUTRANS

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-21
China-eu trains to become an international road transport logistics backbone between and logistics channels mainly include shipping channels, air and land transportation channel, trains in central Europe with its short distance, high speed, high security features, and safety fast, green environmental protection, affected by the natural environment of small advantages, has become the backbone of the international road transport in the logistics mode. Central trains logistics organization matures, trains along the increasingly active, state economic and trade exchanges between countries railways, ports, customs and other departments of the increasingly close cooperation, the favorable conditions, for railway further give play to the role of international logistics backbone, in; One Belt And One Road & throughout; Strategy of the silk road from the original; ShangMao Road & throughout; Into industrial and population concentration; Economic belt & throughout; Play an important role. ; Six unity throughout the &; Build railway international multimodal transport, transport of goods brand in order to adapt to the growing china-eu trains along the international transport of goods between countries transportation need, further improve the quality and efficiency of transportation, building; Fast and on time, safe and stable, green environmental protection & throughout; Brand of carriage of goods by railway international multimodal transport, railway departments in accordance with; Six unity throughout the &; , i. e. , the unified brand logo and transport organization, unified price, unified service standard, unified all the management team, unified coordination platform, strengthening mechanism and the principle of equipment support, and formulate the 'central trains organization management interim measures' and trains in central Europe brand logo design, optimize trains organization scheme. On July 1, the adjustment of the train running diagram, market and customer oriented, railway corporation from and port and customs work together seamlessly, according to the trains arrived in port and inverted running in the morning, the average compression domestic segment running time in a day or so. At the same time, the company further strengthen trains service team, to improve service quality trains, from the container company comprehensively advancing china-eu trains service platform construction, set up the document center and customer service center, unified central trains provide document service, regular time pushing trains tracking information to the customer and customer service, strengthen the overseas marketing organizations, to provide customers with high quality logistics services. Railway corporation is compiled in accordance with the unified whole, basically met every day 1 column, line, 1000 kilometers, the entire transport time in 12 days or so, for the whole column to the organization, on the basis of gradually according to the group gathered, scattered transit and other transportation organization goal, deepening china-eu construction of trains. , said an official with the railway departments related to fully release the potential of the new silk road economic belt logistics channel, railway departments will be based on the principle of press close to the market, strengthening china-eu trains running organization, ensure that run according to the figure is punctual, efforts to improve the quality of central European trains running; Optimizing central trains customer service center of work process and method of system to provide good information query, information customization, complaints, Suggestions and push to accept the services; Optimizing central trains documents center of work process and quality standard, efforts to provide customers with high-quality international transport documents pre-qualification, make and play sheet and other related services; Open comprehensive service for the local governments and enterprises, and gradually expand china-eu trains the market. Across both operation on the basis of central trains, for there is transport demand, as long as the supply of goods, the railway department will actively organize, expanding the scope of service of trains. ( 27] Zhengzhou to liege, the early stage of the trains operation plan in central Europe for a week, a return trip next one, will gradually increase after shifts. Trains in addition to provide service for enterprises in Belgium, but also service in France, the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, Italy and other neighboring countries, to further promote china-eu trade channel.
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