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Why do some new immigrant transnational logistics will also produce a tariff?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-07
A lot of logistics to immigrants friends all know that new immigrants to a duty-free international logistics, but sometimes there will be tariff, and hence the need to generate additional expenses, so why new immigrants logistics will also have duties to produce? Here small make up want to tell you that multinational logistics can be duty-free logistics, but only can satisfy the conditions of the customs in destination country. For a few common country of immigrants, for example: the United States: with Canadian citizenship, citizenship and green card or more than one year work visa in the United States, used more than a year or more reasonable self-used articles, living in China for more than a year, you can enjoy us customs import has the tax preferential policy, for personal items for some new or items that do not meet the above one year is to use time may impose tariffs. Canada: for the people, such as new immigrants and Canadian citizens and permanent residents, in the domestic used more than 1 year or more items can be duty-free access to, but not used for commercial purposes or sold out within a year. Australia: a New Zealand passport, Australian passports, Australia permanent residence, more than 12 months work visa or visit visa more than 3 years, can be duty-free will use more than 12 months of personal items into Australia. For new items, the Australian customs will impose two tax, consumption tax ( 销售税) : 10%, tariffs: 5% 10%. Leave New Zealand: New Zealand 21 months above New Zealand residents or immigrants, will be used more than 12 months of personal belongings back to New Zealand can enjoy duty-free items and personal property, for new items, New Zealand will impose a 5% tariff and 15% consumption VAT, 销售税) 。 Singapore: if you are new immigrants, citizens or hold Employment pass ( Work pass) , in domestic made 6 months above, in the personal belongings of articles and personal property back to Singapore to enjoy tax breaks to the items for new items, Singapore will impose 3% of the value of consumption VAT, 销售税) Singapore, no tariffs for most personal belongings and personal property. To sum up is to be able to free condition is as follows: ( 1) Identity conform to the requirements of the destination country for the customs: the need to have a long-term visa, such as visa, work visa, or the local citizens. ( 2) Items, use fixed number of year to meet the requirements of the customs, transportation of goods have to be used by the old items, items usually need to use more than six months. ( 3) Have lived in China more than 1 year: on this condition, very easy to meet. To see the contents of the above, we learn that was the cause of the tariff is that items are new items or your identity does not comply with the conditions of the destination countries duty-free. In addition, there is a reason, for new immigrants, international logistics is the first time, Joe nonhuman chose international logistics or informal international logistics lp, the goods arrived at destination customs duties due to error, it is also possible. As a result, customers not only enjoy the exemption policy, also can produce psychological discomfort. Small make up remind here, want to well use of duty-free international logistics a good policy, the most basic and most important thing is to find a formal professional international logistics lp, they besides can enjoy duty-free logistics guarantee bonus, on logistics services will also provide one-stop logistics solutions, from door to door to measure assessment, packing, customs clearance, delivery to the door, the assembly furniture, health, cleaning and so on many logistics link has a set of international standards for professional process, without having to worry about the customer, let the logistics become simple, and never leave home can perfect realization international logistics.
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