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Why do logistics return to the country to bring personal items for personal use tax?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-13
With the continuous development of China’s economy and the impact of globalization, more and more immigrants or overseas students choose to return to the country for development, and then logistics return to China. Many people are often puzzled. I did not pay customs duties when I went abroad. Why do logistics still have to pay taxes when returning home? In fact, from Chinese logistics to foreign countries, as long as your identity and items meet the requirements of the other party’s customs, you can be exempt from duty-free logistics. However, from foreign logistics to China, the Chinese customs has set relevant customs prices to levy taxes on imported goods. All foreign goods need to be declared and taxed in accordance with regulations. However, logistics can have a certain amount of tax exemption when returning home. The customs clarified that if the total value of imported articles for personal use acquired by Chinese resident passengers abroad is less than 5,000 yuan (including 5,000 yuan), the customs will grant duty-free release; non-resident short-term passengers are only 2,000 yuan. Foreign citizens, personnel from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, overseas Chinese who have a long-term residence permit in China for more than one year, including senior executives in China, corporate employees, foreign teachers and other foreign workers, foreign spouses, etc. Personal luggage items within the scope of reasonable self-use recognized by the customs can apply for tax exemption if they are mailed to China, except for the 20 compulsory tax exempt items. These 20 types of goods are: TVs, cameras, video recorders, video players, audio equipment, air conditioners Computers, refrigerators (cabinet), washing machines, cameras, photocopiers, program-controlled telephone exchanges, microcomputers, telephones, wireless paging systems, fax machines, electronic computers, printers and word processors, furniture, lamps and meals. Logistics returns to Congress to carry a large amount of luggage with them, the total value of which will definitely exceed 5,000 yuan, so the duty is certain. Regardless of whether it is a Chinese nationality or a foreign nationality, the corresponding tariffs must be levied in accordance with the 'China Imported Goods Duty-paid Price Reference Table'. The specific tariffs required depend on your identity and the actual situation of your transported goods , If the actual purchase value of your item is lower than the customs value of China Customs, then the corresponding tariff can be levied according to the price of your item purchase invoice, otherwise it is levied according to the customs value. Generally speaking, the tariff on furniture is lower , The tariffs on household appliances are higher. There is one more thing to note here, which is the 'Declaration of Entry Baggage and Articles'. This is for passengers entering Mainland China (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan). They must fill in the baggage air waybill when passing through customs at airports, terminals, and stations, and declare in writing to the customs. And choose the red 'declaration channel' to clear customs. After the inspection is passed, the baggage shall be transported in within six months from the date the passenger enters the country. Remember to keep this declaration document. This is a necessary document for customs clearance and an important document for obtaining the tax exemption. Losing it will cause trouble. Finally, there is another problem, the process from foreign logistics to China: 1. When planning the logistics time, we must plan the logistics return in advance based on factors such as return visa time, return air ticket time, personal chores, etc. Generally, at least two advances are required month. Multinational logistics is generally recommended to choose shipping method due to more personal items. 2. Furniture disposal. If it is unnecessary old furniture and daily necessities, it can be sold directly locally. If you need to take it back to your country, you must pack it carefully and protect it from collisions due to the long transportation route. 3. Arrange valuables. All kinds of documents, jewelry, passbooks, securities and other valuables must be carried with you for safekeeping. These are not suitable to be placed in the sea luggage to avoid loss during transportation. 4. Packing order. Regarding the packing of personal belongings, we must have a packing order. We can pack clothes, books, shoes, bedding, etc. first, then kitchen utensils, and finally large pieces of furniture. , Piano, etc. If you can’t pack large pieces of furniture yourself, you can ask an international logistics company for help. They will provide professional packaging services.
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