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Why do international logistics need on-site assessment

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-10
International logistics is a trouble and trivial things, in the international logistics, the mode of transportation is usually choose by sea, the shipping is by volume ( Cubic CBM) Calculating the price, so the most main is the volume of items to accounting, in addition to using VIPU Supply Chain volume estimation tools outside the club's official website, VIPU international logistics lp to provide Supply Chain services, free on-site assessment of goods through the door of the evaluation can quickly effectively enhance mutual communication, understand customer needs, put forward good advice: on-site assessment evaluation cargo volume have what advantage? 1, meet communication more efficient, can immediately answer your concern, 2 home visits, business manager, looking at the goods at the same time, will record the truck parking location and details of goods to pick up the goods. 3, our sales manager will carry the cartons and auxiliary packaging materials samples, packing case photos, and demonstration on the spot for the customer and solve customer questions at any time. 4, in the process of on-site assessment can be found that some customers didn't pay attention to the potential problems and make Suggestions, such as suspected of cultural relics, contraband, limit out of the other items. Nip in the bud's for you to save more time and energy, you can also use some tips for you to save budget and reduce risk. 5, if the customer need to pack some personal items, we will introduce self-help packaging technique and matters needing attention, and provide the appropriate amount of packaging materials for free. 6, when the door to see goods measure and record every piece to transport goods, calculate the accurate size and fully understand customer needs, can be designed for you the safest the most economic and reasonable transportation plan. In addition, in order to avoid suffering logistics“ Trap & throughout; And VIPU international Supply Chain logistics lp remind each customer: select normal company. First by phone or web query logistics enterprise registration situation, try to choose a clear registration information, fixed business address of formal logistics lp. Negotiate fees details. Have moved from where to where, the concrete floor, without elevator, what items, furniture need to tear open outfit, do you have any separate charging items, whether whether to sign the contract, invoice, etc. , to ensure that the logistics lp won't increase for various reasons. Do a good job in supervision, don't leave the scene, in the process of handling in order to avoid missing items can't clarify the responsibility. Sign a formal contract. Appointment in advance statement, don't sign the contract, without paying for the more detailed, the better the terms of the contract signed, move the home ask for invoice or receipt. In the event of dispute, should keep good evidence and complaints to the relevant departments in time, to get timely and effective to solve problems.
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