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Why China has so many people like to immigration to Canada

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-06
According to a survey website immigration statistics show that the number of Chinese immigrants to cananda Canada in 2016 accounted for 27% of the total number of immigrants, immigrants in the United States, in addition to the preferred countries followed by maple leaves the land in Canada. Pleasant living environment, first-class level of education, environment, diverse immigrants to Canada in the North America's northernmost state, popular in the immigrant group. Small make up today is to give you detailed analysis, why there are so many people in China like to immigration to Canada. Geographically, cananda Canada is located in North America in the middle of the United States to the west and the south border with the United States. Canadian mandarin is standard British English, in today's English across the world for so many years, the Chinese immigrants to Canada not again from the beginning to learn a third language. In addition to these hard conditions advantage, has incomparable advantage over other countries. A high standard of education system. First is the education of Canada are all free education, all national public schools, secondary schools from are no fee. Canada's open education unique and novel way, and perfect education system, a high standard of education level is to attract global migration study in here. Many university in Canada is the first-class in the world, the university of Toronto, university of British Columbia, etc. , these international university diploma is with any other country in the world of shots. In addition to a high standard of perfect education system, the government of Canada for education investment is also very seriously. Every year the government of Canada's education funding accounts for the GDP 7. 1%, as long as you are good enough, you can get from the government of earmarks by high scholarship. Compared with other developed countries, Canada's education investment is very considerable. To attract more excellent talents, the fee standards for overseas students is slightly lower than in other developed countries, high cost performance. Stability and harmonious society. Any immigrants don't want to move to wars, social unrest across countries, high-risk social factor compared to the United States, Canada, apparently, more harmonious. Canadians are fair justice the maxim, the management of the guns than American neighbour are much more strict. Canada's campus security work is well known around the world, 24 hours security system, you don't have to worry about is the class and terrorists came in. Professional assessment according to the UN, until this year, Canada has for many years been rated as one of the most livable countries around the world. Want to know the assessment was conducted once a year will, through more than 200 indicators more than one hundred countries to participate, fairness to everyone. Such an authoritative survey results come out, thanks to Canada's perfect education system and harmonious social environment to achievement. Perfect welfare. Social welfare in Canada is the world's first-class, believe that the Chinese have had heard, often in China the welfare of the netizen mouth good related jokes is from Canada. All kinds of envy envy hate welfare policy for immigrants to the Chinese people never worry about life. Life-long free medical insurance, free compulsory education for 12 years, generous social welfare and so on, all-round guarantee the daily life of every resident. Elegant geographical environment. In addition to the first-class education management system, stable and harmonious social environment, geographical environment, Canada have been admirable. Canada is one of the few countries with different geographical environment, from the vast prairie ranch to the Atlantic coast of picturesque coastline, you name it. The most representative is the maple leaf in Canada, the national flag on the big maple leaves, and a maple leaf in the countries of Canada, every autumn season has a red maple leaf forest, such as the sea through a long time can't forget. In addition to the representative of the maple leaf, Canada and the world famous tourist city, such as vancouver, Quebec city, and so on. From the mountain stream to the endless prairie, from the fertile valley to numerous lakes, islands dotted crisscrossed rivers and together constitute the magical and unique and Canada don't attractive natural scenery. Recently a popular Korean dramas 'lonely and brilliant - god Quebec city of ghosts 'let small make up indeed look forward to for a long time. Small make up so many are introduced, and believe that for Chinese people why like immigrants to Canada have a deep understanding. In addition to the above four big advantage, Canada has many fascinating places and not go one by one here. Canada is with big heart, to accept people from all over the world. VIPU international logistics Supply Chain for immigration to Canada all the friends to provide international logistics services, one-stop logistics service for you to go abroad to immigrants in the perfect symbol. If you are worried about for long-distance logistics, welcome to harass our customer service online.
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