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Why are international logistics and transportation often delayed?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-12
Whether it is sending international express delivery, or international logistics, or international trade, logistics delays are what we most want to happen. Why is there a delay in international transportation? Today we come to understand. 1. The goods themselves are sensitive. Some shippers are not professional logistics personnel, so they do not understand the rules of international logistics and transportation, which makes it easy to consign some prohibited items or sensitive goods. (1) Every country in the world has its prohibited goods, such as drugs, guns and ammunition, weapons, etc. Everyone is familiar with them. These are prohibited by countries in the world. Animals, plants, meat, and books are banned from entry in almost every country. For example, the United States prohibits the entry of Chinese herbal medicine; the United Kingdom prohibits the entry of milk and meat products. After the goods that are prohibited from entering the country arrive at the customs of the destination country, they will be detained by the customs or returned directly. (2) The goods are brand-name and infringing products: After these products enter the country, the customs will require a brand authorization letter. If not, customs clearance will be delayed, the customs will detain the goods, or even directly order them to be returned. (3) The goods are sensitive goods such as powders, liquids and charged electricity: the probability of sensitive goods being inspected by the customs is higher than that of ordinary goods, and the customs clearance time is longer than that of ordinary goods. These products are generally delayed in transportation. 2. Operation errors With the development of international transportation, there are more and more international freight forwarding companies, and the quality is also uneven. When we hand over the goods to the freight forwarding company, the freight forwarding company will have logistics operators to process and deliver the goods. If the logistics operators are not professional enough or operating errors, it will affect the transportation: (1) The filling of the goods information is not standardized and incomplete: If the quantity of the product is incorrect, the declared value does not match the actual value, it will cause customs Attention, lead to logistics delays; (2) Logistics transportation mode: In order to save freight and earn the difference in freight, freight forwarding companies choose logistics transportation channels with cheap prices and longer transportation times. 3. Customs inspection In the port of departure or the destination country, the customs will select a certain percentage of containers for inspection according to its own policies, which will also cause logistics delays to a certain extent. Regarding the inspection standards, this is random, called 'random customs inspectionOnce the customs inspection occurs, not only the transportation is delayed, but also related expenses are paid. 4. Natural disasters Due to severe weather conditions, ship delays often occur. For example, every summer, there will be typhoons and hurricanes, which will affect ship transportation: when the ship has to skip the port of call due to bad weather; when the ship is in the port , But could not leave due to bad weather. 5. Port blockage of destination port or port of departure port blockage means port congestion. For example, from the second half of the year, the peak period of transportation will be reached, especially during various holidays. The port will be blocked like a traffic jam. There are too many ships and they will be released at a short time. No more. There are also frequent strikes in some countries, which can also cause port blockage.
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