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Which products are most frequently inspected for

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-03
   The U.S. Department of Homeland Security issued a report that in 2016, U.S. Customs seized 28,865 counterfeit products. According to data on counterfeit products seized by the US Customs and Border Protection, the following categories are the most frequently inspected commodities exported to the United States by sea.

1. Clothing/Accessories

Clothing and accessories are the largest category of fakes, with 22% seized. High-end clothing is highly profitable, so it is profitable. The desire to buy high-end clothing promotes the development of the counterfeit market.

2. Consumer electronics

One of the five counterfeit products is an electronic product. Consumer electronics has become the second largest category of counterfeit products in the United States. The number of seizures accounted for 18%. The total price of the seized goods was 13.25 million US dollars, which accounted for 10% of the total value of the seized goods. .

Many American consumers want to buy the latest products, so they stimulate the purchase and production of counterfeit electronic products to a certain extent. Many consumers are easily victims.

3. Shoes

The number of seizures of shoes accounted for 10%. In 2016, the number of seizures of counterfeit shoes reached 2,818. Many shoe manufacturers have taken actions to combat fakes. For example, Nike has added many hidden details to its shoes.

4. Watches/jewelry

The number of seizures of watches accounted for 10%. The total price of watches/jewelry seized in 2016 accounted for 45% of the total price of seized goods, accounting for the largest share. In August 2016, 175,000 counterfeit watches were seized once. Like other luxury goods, watches and jewelry can easily be counterfeited and infringed. Counterfeit jewellery and watches have become a key issue in the industry, and the Swiss Watch Industry Federation holds anti-counterfeiting activities every year.

5. Medicines and personal care products

Globally, medicines are one of the most frequently counterfeited commodities, with 8% seized. Due to the high demand for high-quality medicines, limited supply and high prices, selling fake medicines is very profitable for criminals. Drug patent infringement is one of the focuses of the United States.

6. Handbags/Wallets

The value of seized handbags and wallets accounted for 15% of the total price of the seized goods, and the number of seizures accounted for 7%. Some handbags cost tens of thousands of dollars, and high-end handbags are very marketable. In an inspection by CPB in July 2016, 10,788 counterfeit Gucci and Coach handbags were seized.

7. Optical media

Optical media including games, DVDs, CDs and other products were seized 5%. And in the Internet age, these contents are gradually sold in electronic form, so it is more prone to problems.

8. Computer/electronic accessories

Computer/electronic accessories seized 3%. The profit of selling counterfeit computer accessories is very high, and counterfeit computer parts have been found in US military weapons in recent years.

9. Counterfeit OEMs and labels

The seizure of counterfeit OEMs and labels accounted for 2%. Counterfeit goods need to be branded and labelled. These seized OEMs and labels include cloth labels, stickers and metal labels, which are often used in OEM clothing, handbags, shoes, electronic products and software.

The U.S. Customs inspection is conducted randomly, and the probability is extremely small. If it encounters the U.S. Customs inspection, the delivery time will be delayed. The general inspection time: X-ray scanning 2-6 days, unpacking inspection 2-3 weeks.

Regardless of the country's customs, it is required that the cargo information is consistent with the document information. As long as the goods are not contraband, imitation brand goods, and there is no entrainment problem, the US Customs has a complete inspection and release mechanism. Therefore, there is no risk in formal customs clearance.

US shipping double customs clearance selection requirements:

(1) The customer's requirements for the shipping schedule are the first. Sometimes the arrival time exceeds the required time by one day, it may cause fines or even cancel the order, so you must choose a guarantee in terms of ship speed, storage space and unloading speed Quality shipping company;

(2) The guarantee of double-clearing door-to-door cargo rights in the United States is also one of the primary considerations. Prevent inadequate communication and uncontrollable errors in cargo rights.
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