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Which items does not share a shipping container transport?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-07
In the sea, the vast majority of the container can be used to transport goods, according to the national 'the regulation of several problems about the development of container transportation in our country' referred to in the suitable for container loading of the goods for 12 categories, namely, electricity, instrument, small machinery, glass ceramics, handicrafts, printing and paper, pharmaceutical, alcohol, tobacco, food, daily necessities, chemicals, needles textiles, hardware, etc. But there are some items not share container transport, so which items are not suitable for use container transport? 1, the fresh goods. Such as live fish, shrimp, etc. , because the shipping on the aging relative to other modes of transportation, longer, lively class goods if using a shipping container, in the process of transportation will rot; 2, goods are overweight. Container body can withstand maximum intensity, such as 20 gp container is generally limited to 21. ), 5 tons, the weight of the goods which variant possible enclosure, floor, roof beam bending such as damage, so the goods cannot be through a shipping container; 3, cargo volume is too large. Units volume weight of each container is certain, extra large size of goods can't use a shipping container, some big accessories super, super wide, these goods only by bulk carrier in the cabin or the deck transport; 4, container does not conduct military transport. Troops or military enterprise to deal with a shipping container transportation, shall be dealt with in accordance with business shipments. Military transport using self-provided container, is no longer the container shipping terms and conditions shall apply. In addition, in the process of container, there are some considerations need to pay attention to. The item itself is not important, but if you can notice, may provide a lot of help to the owner of the work. 1, container to after the first to examine the integrity of the container, and see if there is any breakage in the situation, and take a check box paper case number, to ensure that the case number is correct. At the same time, the owner will also need to keep seal, seal no. To write down the specific. 2, the goods had better not nude, at the very least, must have the packaging, do not blindly to save space and lead to damage of goods. General cargo also will have the packing, only like big machines such as boiler, building materials will have trouble, must be tied, tied tightly to prevent loosening. 3, loading cases goods, heavier small wooden case, can use the place loading method, makes the upper pressure on the joints of the lower two wooden cases, wooden box, the top layer must be fixed or plugged; For particularly heavy large wooden box, there must be a special fixed facilities, do not make contact with the end wall before and after the container of goods; And when loading box box, usually is to use steel strip tension, or use the elastic nylon tape or cloth instead of steel belt. 4, loading the cartons cargo, the different size of carton is mixed, should be the carton size reasonable collocation, tight stowed; Cartons LCL cargo should be separation, can use paper, mesh, material such as plywood, electric pallet; Generate the gap between the more than 10 centimeters, should circumstances for reinforcement. 5, when loading goods bags, generally USES the method of build by laying bricks or stones wall and crossing method; Packaged goods generally easy to collapse and slide, available cement paste agent, or in the middle of the stiffener insert liner board and antiskid coarse paper; To prevent excessive bagged cargo stowage and is in danger of collapse of goods, so needs to be fixed on the bound with system equipment; Usually packaged goods packing material of wave resistance, resistance to water wet ability is weak, so the packing is completed, the best laid on top of the goods such as plastic waterproof cover 6, loading bulk goods, due to the barrel and cylindrical, therefore in the pile is installed in the cabinet and reinforcement methods are determined by the size must be, to make it in harmony with the box size; Iron bucket loading requirements between bucket and bucket, close to every other row to cushion a mat high plate; Wooden barrel when loading requirements lateral load, and in a barrel at both ends of the mat wedge; Cardboard barrels of loading is similar to iron bucket. 7, groupage note: ( 1) Different shape and packing of the goods as far as possible not to put together; ( 2) Ooze from packaging dust, liquid and moisture, odor, such as goods, as far as possible not to put them with the other goods; ( 3) Light weight of the goods on the above of relatively heavy weight goods; ( 4) Packaging strength weak strength of the goods are to be packed in strong goods above; ( 5) Liquid goods and cleaning goods are to be under your other goods as far as possible; ( 6) With sharp corners or has a prominent part of the goods, need to cover, in order to avoid the damage of other goods.
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