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Which goods need to provide identification report by air?

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-20
As the economy develops, more people choose to move overseas, reluctant to get familiar with objects at home, and afraid to use new objects after going abroad, so more people choose to move internationally. International moving can choose sea or air transportation, because air cargo transportation has very high safety requirements, especially when using the belly cabin of passenger aircraft for cargo transportation, so some air cargo needs an appraisal report, so what is an air appraisal report? Which goods must provide air freight identification? The editor of Xipu International tells you that the goods that cannot be known whether the goods have hidden dangers or cannot be correctly classified need an air transportation identification report!

What is air freight identification

The full name of air transportation identification is 'Air Transportation Conditions Identification Report', and the English name is Identification and Classification Report for Air Transport of Goods, commonly known as air transportation identification or identification.

1. Which goods should provide air freight identification?

1. Magnetic goods

According to the requirements of the IATA902 international air transportation agreement, any magnetic field strength 2.1m away from the surface of the measured object should be less than 0.159A/m (200nT) before it can be used for general cargo transportation (outgoing general cargo identification). All goods containing magnetic materials in the article will generate a magnetic field in the space, and safety testing of magnetic goods is required to ensure flight safety.

The items listed below are the names of some items that we often encounter that require magnetic safety testing. Due to the different materials and processes of product manufacturing, it is impossible to list all the names of the goods. Whether they meet the requirements of the air transportation agreement is subject to the experimental measurement results.


Magnetic steel, magnet, magnet bar, magnetic block;

Alnico magnetic steel, SmCo magnetic steel, neodymium iron boron, ferrite magnetic steel;

Magnet, magnetic core, magnet, permanent magnet;

Rare earth permanent magnet, magnetic ring, iron core.

Audio equipment

Speakers, speaker accessories, receivers, buzzers;

Audio, speaker, speaker box, radio;

Multimedia sound, sound combination, microphone, sounder;

Business speakers, headphones, microphones, amplifiers;

Interphone, mobile phone (without battery);

Mobile phones, recorders, telephones.

Motor class

Motor, DC motor, micro vibrator;

Stepper motor, servo motor, motor, TV;

Linear motor, flat motor;

Motor, fan, refrigerator, solenoid valve;

Engine, generator, hair dryer;

Motor vehicles, vacuum cleaners, mixers, pumps;

Electric small appliances, electric vehicles, electric fitness equipment;

CD player, LCD TV, rice cooker;

Electric kettle, wiper motor;

Engraving machine, stator, centrifuge, air compressor, sewing machine;

Massager, air conditioner, fan, rotor.

Other magnetic

Alarm accessories, anti-theft device accessories, elevator accessories;

Refrigerator stickers, alarms, compasses, multimeters, laser heads;

Movement head, magnetic health products, magnet processing products;

Translator electronic dictionary, doorbell, watt-hour meter;

Watch with compass;

Computer components, scales, sensors, microphones;

Plastic clip, home theater, flashlight, rangefinder;

Anti-theft labels, toys, flashlights, DVDs, electronic accessories.

2. Powder goods

All cargoes with powder status must provide air transportation identification report, such as diamond powder, spirulina powder, and various plant extracts.

3. Goods containing liquid and gas

For example: some instruments may contain rectifiers, thermometers, barometers, pressure gauges, mercury converters, etc.

4. Chemical goods

For chemical goods, air transportation of various chemical products generally requires an air transportation identification report. Chemical products can be roughly divided into dangerous chemicals and ordinary chemicals. Common chemicals in air transportation are common chemicals, that is, chemicals that can be transported in accordance with ordinary goods. Such chemicals must be identified by ordinary air transportation before they can be carried. That is to say, the goods are ordinary chemicals, not dangerous goods.

5. Oily goods

For example: auto parts may be equipped with fuel or residual fuel engine, carburetor or fuel tank; camping equipment or appliances may have flammable liquids such as kerosene, gasoline.

6. Goods with batteries

The classification and identification of batteries is more complicated. Batteries or products containing batteries may be dangerous goods by air transportation item 4.3, category VIII, category IX, so the products involved need to be certified by air for identification. For example, electrical equipment may contain batteries; electric equipment such as lawn mowers, golf carts, wheelchairs, etc. may contain batteries.

2. What is included in the air transportation appraisal report?

The main contents of the cargo transportation appraisal certificate generally include the name of the cargo and its enterprise logo, the main physical and chemical characteristics, the dangerous characteristics of the transported object, the laws and regulations on which the appraisal is based, and emergency disposal methods. The purpose is to provide transportation units with information directly related to transportation safety.
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