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Which goods cannot be transported in containers?

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-05
(1) All types of containers are transported between container handling stations of the same type. In addition to transporting self-provided containers at the handling stations of the same box type, transport can also be handled between special lines approved by the railway bureau. The name of the container handling station is announced in the 'Railway Freight Rate Table'.

  (2) The following goods cannot be shipped in general railway containers:

  ① Goods that are easy to contaminate and corrode the box, such as cement, carbon black, fertilizer, salt, grease, raw fur, animal bones, paint without tree mats, etc.

  ② Goods that are easy to damage the box, such as pig iron, scrap steel, unpackaged castings and metal blocks.

  ③Fresh goods.

  ④Dangerous goods.

  (3) The total weight of the consigned container shall not exceed the total weight of the container marked. The total weight of the 20-foot container shall not exceed the maximum lifting capacity at the station.

  (4) The container does not handle military transportation. If the army or military industry enterprise handles container transportation, it shall be handled as commercial transportation. Military transportation using self-provided containers will no longer be handled according to the container transportation conditions.

  According to the different title of the bill of lading, the bill of lading can be divided into straight bill of lading (STRAIGHTB/L), bearer bill of lading BEAARERB/L) and instruction bill of lading (ORDERB/L).

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The registered bill of lading lists the name of the consignee in the consignee column, so it is also called the consignee’s bill of lading. This type of bill of lading cannot be transferred by endorsement, and the goods can only be delivered to the listed consignee, anonymous A bill of lading is a bill of lading that does not specify the name of the consignee on the bill of lading. Whoever holds the bill of lading can pick up the goods from the carrier on the basis of the bill of lading. The carrier does not rely on the voucher for delivery. Instructs that the consignee is not listed on the bill of lading, and the transfer can be carried out by endorsement, which is conducive to the turnover of funds and is commonly used in international trade. ENDORSMENT has two types: blank endorsement and registered endorsement.

   Blank endorsement is when the endorser (namely the transferor of the bill of lading) signs the name of the endorser unit and the signature of the person in charge on the back of the bill of lading, but does not indicate the name of the endorser, and does not require the approval of the original bill of lading issuer. Instructing that the bill of lading can be transferred once endorsed means that the endorser confirms the transfer of ownership of the bill of lading. In addition to the blank endorsement that needs to be signed and sealed by the endorser, the name of the endorsement must also be indicated by the name of the endorsed. If the endorser transfers again, the endorsement must be added. If the bill of lading has the instructions of the shipper, the instructions of the consignee and the instructions of the importer’s bank, etc., the shipper, the consignee or the importer’s bank must endorse the goods before they can be transferred or picked up.

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   In addition, it is divided into full bill of lading and short bill of lading; freight prepaid bill of lading and freight on delivery bill of lading; original bill of lading and duplicate bill of lading; bill of lading under charter party; deck bill of lading, antidated bill of lading, advance bill of lading, etc.
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