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When transnational logistics handling antique calligraphy and painting should pay attention to the five items

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-08
Antique calligraphy and painting is known to all of our family environment can play a lot of adornment effect, also have some customers like to collect these items, these items can not only enhance customer taste, also can bring infinite pleasure to the customer, really is a very good items. But in the international logistics, these items will be international logistics, they all value and historical value is very high, because these things is valuable, in order to avoid the approach used in the process of handling is undeserved, cause damage of goods. VIPU international logistics Supply Chain to remind you: effectively protect handling these items, pay attention to the following five items. Note 1: antique calligraphy and painting to choose some more hard boxes for packaging, must ensure that the outer packing, or packed in wooden cases. In order to achieve better packaging effect, can undertake the double packing, inside the box, have to be populated with some items, such as plastic foam or sponge, must fill the space inside the box, avoiding the phenomenon of objects in the box are shaking, sealing pastes. For some more big fragile antiques, vase, China, for example, in handling when using wooden box packaging, and use the space inside the foam or sponge filling, ensure that won't appear the shaking phenomenon. Note 2: required to bring gloves when handling calligraphy and painting, calligraphy and painting best external wrapped up, put the package in the cabinet. Note 3: pay attention to the light to take light put, pay attention to avoid knock against. Note 4: carry on vehicle driving pay attention to safety, pay attention to avoid turbulence. Note 5: no direct movement and handling cases of ark, but should open the locker. Take out the goods, and then put the calligraphy and painting and calligraphy and painting and fixed place, the calligraphy and painting is not touching one hit in the box. To a new place, again into the protection items, sealing protection. Edit summary: for a few more precious antique should pay attention to when handling the five items, because the value of these things is higher, must choose good reputation service when handling international logistics lp, packaged before handling time don't save some of the packaging material money and goods were damaged, so do more harm than good. VIPU international logistics Supply Chain for international transportation services focus on personal belongings, door to door customs clearance service.
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