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When transnational logistics export transport business basic process of shipping

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-13
We VIPU international Supply Chain logistics lp often got a call from the customer calls, when asked in the international logistics shipping furniture will probably need to transport cycle is long. VIPU international logistics Supply Chain business adviser Vince said, generally speaking, from the cargo handling to VIPU Supply Chain warehouse storage, after the goods shipped to the port of destination customs clearance to customer home, before and after about 45 days. But this cycle is also not an absolute value, according to the shipping to the destination countries and have different, more or less. In addition to our international logistics lp controllable link as storage, delivery by sea is the longest time-consuming by link, so what is the process of export ocean shipping? Small make up for all the popular science popular science today, when we are in the international logistics shipping export transport business basic process. Audit the shipping terms in the l/c audit to card in the shipment terms, such as shipment, foreign exchange settlement period, shipment port, destination port, whether can transshipment or partial shipment, and whether the specified shipping company, name of vessel, the master and the classification and so on, some certificate required to provide a variety of proof, such as course certificate, certificate of registration, etc. Is ready for the inspection according to the export volume of the contract and the l/c about the varieties, specifications, quantity and packing of the goods, such as the provisions of the quantity, quality, on time to the export goods to be delivered ready, and apply for inspection and license. Note: all listed in the commodity inspection authorities regulations & other Type table & throughout; Trade in goods, and according to the l/c, the stipulations of the contract goods certificate issued by the commodity inspection authorities, all should be completed before the export customs declaration & other; Throughout & export inspection application form. Apply to the commodity inspection. Some hungry export commodities need to appraisal the weight, some need to animal and plant quarantine or health and safety inspection, should be completed in advance, and to obtain the qualified inspection certificate. Good preparation before shipment, the goods certificate are complete, can deal with the shipping work. Can be checked on tank ship out a power of attorney, entrust the custom formalities to our company. After insurance goods reserved space, such as need the seller's insurance, can inform we go through the formalities of goods for the risk of carriage. Insurance amount is usually based on CIF invoice. Delivery or entrust the delivery according to our company to provide shipping notice to send the goods to the specified port warehouse, also can entrust our door to door delivery. Customs declaration work after the goods arrive at port warehouse, we arrange customs clearance. We programmed the export goods declaration, together with the shipping order, invoice, packing list, inspection certificate, the export contract, foreign exchange verification sheet and related to the export customs declaration, the customs officers inspection qualified rear can shipment release. After the shipment customs declaration correctly, we arrange the goods shipment. To issue the bill of lading within 3 working days after the boat, issuing b/l. Make the settlement of exchange to prepare after the contract or l/c settlement documents, in the effective period of the contract or l/c negotiation documents to the bank, go through the formalities of foreign exchange settlement. Under normal circumstances, 30 working days to refund and cancel after verification sheet back to the customer. Edit summary: after small make up more than give everybody introduction, the basic process of seaborne exports everybody already knew. Perennial VIPU international logistics Supply Chain for the general logistics abroad professionals provide door to door double customs clearance service, all about the flow of international logistics you don't need to hold a distraction, all the logistics issues by our entire journey service for you. If you have any shipping furniture to foreign demand, welcome to contact us, serve you wholeheartedly.
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