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When the goods need to do a good job which after the international logistics

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-10
Logistics is a thing of people's has been more headaches, international logistics is harder. International logistics is not only to finish something very much, but also easy to cause lost things. So we in the whole life cycle of international logistics, must to do a good job of finishing record before the logistics, logistics inventory after work. So how to finish the task and important? Today VIPU international logistics Supply Chain of small make up to share with you, when the international logistics is we need to pay attention to those places, let's go and have a look! 1, the first in the logistics, please check the furniture have occurred in the process of handling damage, if found will immediately notify the international logistics lp coordinating to solve, when it is necessary to compensate according to the above stated in the contract. Some friends are careless etc. After the contract is valid only to find that something is damaged, so the international logistics lp is not responsible. 2, VIPU Supply Chainlogistics site send all-the-way tracking service supervisor, if you encounter any problems at the scene of the packaging, can communicate with, he will be on the spot according to your request, help you proper solution. 3, relevant items of damage claims treaty, now of the international logistics lp for goods handling damage compensation is generally based on the present value of the goods after depreciation as the compensation standard, give priority to with repair. 4, in handling home refrigerator, don't and the plug as soon as he comes back. VIPU international logistics Supply Chain advice: we have two to three hours after the plug again, this is for a lot of to protect the life of the compressor, due to the compressor after moving the cooling liquid cooling pipe was shaking, and this time we are going to impurities such as precipitation to operation, otherwise it is very easy to find the compressor when send cooling fluid to be blocked the high and low pressure valve. 5, a lot of people consulting international logistics lp in what time to pay attention to logistics, we of the older people at the time of logistics is a very auspicious day, makes sense but you also don't mind as long as in the days of almanac top to find a suitable logistics. At the time of logistics can also according to the owner of a birth horoscope or avoid animal sign and so on outside information choose an auspicious day.
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