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When declare at the customs in the process of shipping, don't omission of these

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-08
Do forwarder friend probably all know that, because some operator carelessness led to enterprise omission of partial shipment insurance cost, is the most easy to be ignored in the customs inspection problems. Although most cases shipped premium amount and taxes are not involved, but easily ignored by enterprise omission, so that it was therefore punished by the customs. Small make up just want to say to you today, when we declare at the customs in the process of shipping, never omission of these aspects. According to the examination and approval of the customs of the People's Republic of China import and export goods customs value method 'relevant provisions of article 5, the dutiable value of imported goods, by the customs to review and determined on the basis of clinch a deal the price of the goods, and shall include the goods arrived in the territory of the People's Republic of China enter site prior to discharge for transportation and related fees and insurance. Here are several easy to overlook the premium form of omission, hurriedly to reference check: 1. Omission of road freight in the process of the actual freight, many importers before the actual import port, the arrival of the goods will be in other regions for transshipment. Such as the pearl river delta companies import goods in Hong Kong for transshipment, often for from Hong Kong shipped to the port within the territory of the road freight, often ignored by enterprise and omission. 2. Omission of premium sometimes import and export enterprises related trade contracts with customers, only for freight aspects are listed, the insurance premium are not included in the contract scope, is dealt with separately by import and export enterprises. This part is not reflected in the contract of insurance premium, easily overlooked by enterprises in the customs declaration. 3. Omission of associated with transport costs, such as: due to the international crude oil price fluctuation is bigger, the shipping company to maintain the stability of basic rate during a certain period, outside the basic ocean freight charge of import and export enterprises, is also likely to charge fuel surcharge and other additional costs; In addition, in the process of transportation due to the route arrangement briefly the storage charges and other fees associated with the transportation process, according to customs regulation, for these freight costs, enterprises also need to declare. 4. Omission caused by estimating the difference between the cost should be included in the freight part of the customs value of imported goods, to the importer to import the goods is limited in the actual fees paid. However, in some cases, the actual freight is difficult to determine when to import, therefore, at every time of import declaration, importers may find it difficult to accurately calculate the actual transportation cost, and to estimate the forehead to declare to the customs. To declare the actual freight and estimate the difference between the frontal part, also easily ignored by enterprise for additional. 5. Clinch a deal the way improper declaration according to the regulations of the customs law, clinch a deal the price of imported goods on the basis of CIF, export goods clinch a deal the price is based on FOB, found in the inspection, some enterprises to declare dutiable goods clinch a deal the price is more casual, some enterprises, even don't know what is CIF, head of customs affairs what is FOB. For example, there is a business mode of actual transaction for imported goods FOB, for convenience in customs declaration directly for CIF, and punished for violating the customs regulations. TIPS import and export enterprises omission of premium is, to some extent from the related regulations do not understand, in judging whether the cost should be included in the shipment insurance premiums, emphatically grasp the following several principles: one, the costs associated with transportation; Second, the cost should be calculated to the site of the goods to the territory of the People's Republic of China the input before discharge; Three, declare price based on the actual cost of payment and deal with; Fourth, if the charges can not be sure, the customs shall, in accordance with the normal cost of transportation of the goods into the same scrutiny. Import and export enterprises in the actual process of customs clearance, to strengthen audit, timely advice, in order to avoid small mistakes bring great loss, at the same time, strengthen the communication with the forwarder company, customs declaration, etc, clear related fees, for sections found omission, should be timely to supplement to declare to the customs. Feeds, gongbei customs audit: General Administration of Customs inspection department
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