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When can the 'blowout' consumer express delivery

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-15

   Entering November, the 'chopping clan' started the annual mass shopping festival again. According to the prediction of China Express Association and Cainiao Network, this year's 'Double 11' express industry will handle more than 1 billion express shipments. Facing the huge amount of parcels, is the express delivery industry ready?

   Secretary-General of Shanghai Express Industry Association Gao Zhenhai said that 'Double 11' is a special state of online shopping, and tens of billions of sales are actually a 'blowout' of online consumption that gathers over a period of days. Hundreds of millions of parcels must be collected and delivered within a few days, which is a very important test of the express delivery industry's capabilities and service levels.

Experts believe that for a long period of time, it is impossible for express delivery companies to change the situation of 'sharpening the knife before going into battle', but each 'Double 11' is an opportunity to expose and correct problems, which will help express delivery companies. Fill in shortcomings and improve internal power. At present, the proportion of e-commerce parts of mainstream domestic express delivery companies exceeds 70%. This high dependence is a double-edged sword, which makes it difficult for express delivery companies to have pricing power in front of e-commerce companies. Statistics from the State Post Bureau show that the average unit price of express mail in my country was 27 yuan in 2008, and it dropped to 13.4 yuan in 2015, and even dropped to 12.81 yuan from January to September this year.

   In addition, the growth rate of e-commerce itself is also slowing down. The latest data from the National Bureau of Statistics show that in the first three quarters of 2016, my country's online retail sales were 345.15 billion yuan, a growth rate of 26.1%. If the dependence on e-commerce continues to remain high, then the pressure caused by the decline in its growth rate will be further transmitted to the field of express delivery. Therefore, the express delivery industry should more clearly recognize the urgency and importance of innovation and transformation.

Zeng Junshan, director of the Development Research Center of the State Post Bureau, pointed out that with the enhancement of capital strength, express delivery companies should make greater efforts to achieve new breakthroughs in product differentiation, intelligence, and high-end.
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