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What you should know about international logistics

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-13
Ready to live abroad, always reluctant to give up things that have been used before, facing many personal items such as furniture, electrical appliances, clothes, books and decorations, do not know where to start; indeed, logistics is indeed a laborious and painstaking work , Let alone international logistics. Below, VIPU Supply Chain International Logistics lists an international logistics strategy for you, hoping to bring convenience to your international logistics trip:    1. Notify friends, banks, post offices, etc., and inform them of your new address so that they can be timely Receive letters and various bills, etc.   2. If you want to keep the original phone number, you need to go to the business hall of the telephone office to apply for a mobile phone number.  3. Collect all the valuables together, (such as: cash, jewelry, securities, laptops, rare stamps, antiques, etc.). When these items are in formal logistics, please yourself or send someone to keep them properly.  4. International logistics shipping takes a long time, and you need to prepare the clothing and related supplies you need within one month in advance. Pack different items in separate boxes. (In order to ensure maritime safety for furniture and other items, it is recommended to choose VIPU Supply Chain International Logistics' door-to-door packaging service).  5. International logistics, please check the power standard of the destination country in advance to ensure that your electrical appliances can be used locally. At the same time, check in advance which items are restricted and taxed by the customs of the destination country, such as: food, plants, wine, electrical appliances, etc. You can also ask the VIPU Supply Chain international logistics service staff in advance. 6. You are a new immigrant and you are entering the country for the first time. Usually the personal items you carry are tax-free. Therefore, you should take advantage of this opportunity to bring as many items as possible that are high in the local country and frequently consumed, such as: Compared with domestic products, cotton products and plastic products are several times higher, so you can bring more plastic products, and it is recommended to bring some common medicines and gifts with Chinese characteristics from China, such as: carpets, antique furniture, crafts, porcelain Wait.  7. If there are over-long and over-large packages, the customer must provide the exact length, width, height dimensions and weight of the single package for use in booking. (This work can be done by the packaging team of VIPU Supply Chain International Logistics).   8. Lightweight items such as daily necessities and books are packed in cartons. (This work can be done by the packaging team of VIPU Supply Chain International Logistics).  9. Electrical appliances, pianos, furniture, ceramics, handicrafts and other heavy or valuable, fragile items must be packed in wooden boxes with fillings to prevent crushing damage. (This work can be done by the packaging team of VIPU Supply Chain International Logistics).  10. Choose sea or air service according to the quantity and time requirements of your items. VIPU Supply Chain international logistics has the following three main services, but if it is international immigration logistics, private bulky goods transportation, it will generally choose door-to-door one-stop service.  A. Port-to-port service: from the port to the destination port or airport;   B. Door-to-door service: door-to-door delivery from the location of the goods to the destination;   C. Door-to-port service: from the location of the goods to the destination port or airport.  11. Transport your goods to the export customs for customs declaration and customs clearance. (This work is done by VIPU Supply Chain International Logistics)   A. If you are an immigrant abroad: Please bring your passport, visa, invoice for new purchases, detailed item list, volume and estimated weight list.  B. If you are a resident of Taiwan, Hong Kong, or Macau: Please bring a Taiwan compatriot certificate (or residence permit), proof of study or work, invoice for new purchases, item list, volume and estimated weight list.  C. If you are a foreigner: please bring your passport, visa, invoice for new purchases, work permit, residence permit, detailed item list (signature required), volume and estimated weight list.  D. Travel purchase goods (foreigners only): passport, visa, customs declaration letter, detailed goods list (signature required), invoice, foreign exchange exchange form. (Note: The original documents must be provided when the above documents are cleared.)
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