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What types of logistics include

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-04
   Macro-logistics: It is a logistics activity with a large amount of engineering in social links that drives economic development.
   Micro logistics: Compared with macro logistics, logistics for small groups of people and consumers needs to pay attention to the progress of all small links.
  Social logistics: a logistics activity that faces the entire society and its ultimate goal is to benefit the development of society and mankind.
  Enterprise logistics: Compared with social logistics, it is a logistics activity that is beneficial to corporate profitability.
  International logistics: logistics activities involving import and export trade between countries.
  Regional logistics: Compared with international logistics, it refers to the logistics activities carried out in a certain region or a certain city in a country.
   General logistics: Refers to the general logistics activities for the purpose of corporate profitability.
  Special logistics: For general logistics, it refers to the logistics activities carried out only in a special field and a special department, such as the military, environmental protection and disaster relief
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