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What types of goods allow export tax rebates

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-05
Export tax rebate is an extremely important policy stipulated by China for exporters. This policy has a very good effect on the country's foreign exchange earnings and corporate profits. Under normal circumstances, the state only allows the following types of goods to enjoy the export tax rebate policy of the State Administration of Taxation:

1. Goods within the scope of value-added tax and consumption tax

China's export tax rebate requires that exported goods fall within the scope of value-added tax and consumption tax. This scope includes all value-added taxable goods, as well as 11 categories of consumer goods that are subject to consumption tax, such as tobacco, alcohol, and cosmetics. Note that it does not include tax-free agricultural products directly purchased from agricultural producers. China’s export tax rebate policy has the characteristic of “no refund if it is not collected”, and only the export goods that have been levied value-added tax and consumption tax are refunded or exempted from their tax payable. For those who have not collected value-added tax and consumption tax. Export goods are temporarily not eligible for tax refund.

2. Declare goods for export

There are usually two ways to export goods, one is self-operated export tax rebate, and the other is entrusted agency export tax rebate. If you want to apply for export tax rebate, the goods must have been declared for export. This is a rigid regulation of national policies and tax authorities on export tax rebates. If the goods are sold in the country without customs clearance, no matter if you settle in foreign exchange or RMB, even if they are sold financially, they will not be treated as export goods and apply for export tax rebates (if otherwise specified) except). For special goods that are settled in foreign exchange in the country, such as international hotels and restaurants, they are not eligible for tax refunds because they do not actually leave the country during their operation.

3. Goods that are sold financially

The export tax refund (exemption) policy is generally only applicable to trade export goods. For gifts, exhibits, samples, personal purchases to take out of the country (except otherwise specified), mail items and other non-trade export goods, Because it is generally not treated as a sale financially, it is also not eligible for tax refund according to relevant regulations.

4. Goods that have been collected and written off

According to relevant Chinese regulations, only export goods that have been collected and verified by the foreign exchange authority can apply for export tax rebates. The state stipulates that the goods exported by foreign trade companies must be of the above four types in order to be eligible for export tax refund (exemption). If a production company (a production company with import and export rights, a foreign-invested production company, a production company that entrusts a foreign trade company to export as an agent) applies for export tax refund (exemption), there is another rule that the goods must be a production company You can apply for export tax rebate only if you produce it yourself, or if the theory belongs to your own production. For foreign traders, these four types of goods must be kept in mind. When paying goods tax, if the goods meet the above types, they should go through the export tax rebate procedures in a timely manner to avoid overpaying taxes and causing unnecessary losses to themselves.
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